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home brings you the leading security system to provide the complete protection that you are looking for around the clock. With interactive technology and trademark security, there is no other provider that can offer you the ultimate in class protection. truly offers you the most reliable security available!

Advantages of Safe Choice Security Systems
When you choose our security systems, you get total security satisfaction:

• Superior home monitoring technology
• Tamper proof systems
• Continual monitoring of your property, including if the system is disarmed
• No requirement for Internet connection or phone line.
• Alert notifications via text or email
• Mobile app and web control of your home.

Smash and Crash Protection

home securityTamper and Damage Protection is an exclusive service of Safe Choice Security that notifies you of any destruction or tampering of your security system that may indicate that an intruder is in your home. This ultimate level of security outsmarts criminals who think they are safe by destroying a security system panel before it can trigger an alarm. The monitoring team will immediately contact emergency responders if a security system ceases to communicate with the monitoring center.

Wireless Two-Way Connection

home securityWireless two-way voice connection means that you or others in your home or business can communicate directly with the monitoring professionals watching your property, via your home security system. Even if your home phone line is cut, Internet is down or your cable is out, you can still effectively talk with those at the central monitoring station. This ensures that the right emergency response arrives in a timely manner.

Locks of the Future

Locks are a thing of the past with You have complete control and remote access of your home locks with this modern technology. You no longer need to give out keys to your home or leave one under the mat. Instead you can simply assign a unique code to anyone who needs access to your home. Using the sophisticated alert system, you will then get a text or email in real time notifying of who enters your home.

With your mobile device you can also lock doors from anywhere using your security system, so you never have to go back and check doors. You also have the option to set up automatic door locking, when you lock one door, they all lock or when your system is armed all doors are locked. It is completely in your hands.

Remote Control

Your security system has an interactive remote control platform that lets you powerfully control the protection of your property and more. Using online or app interfaces, you can monitor sensors, arm and disarm your system, lock doors, control climate and lights, watch live video and more, from absolutely anywhere.
All the options you want are at your fingertips. You simply need to set up your system online, customizing it the way you want and then, download the app. Control is in your hands.

Alerts in Real-Time

When emergencies happen, time is of the essence. Security systems from Safe Choice Security offer you real time alerts so that you always know what it happening. You can set up email or text alerts quickly and easily for your home or business system and even select the types of activity your want to receive notifications about. You can even receive an alert is a liquor cabinet is opened. Alerts are active even if your system is disarmed.

Interactive Control

home securitySafe Choice Security puts interactive control services in your hands. Remote control lets you use any mobile device or computer to interact with your security system. Real-time alerts keep you in the know about what is happening at your property. Mobile apps make it easy to control a variety of features quickly and easily.

The professionals at bring together high quality home automation, energy management and video monitoring and package them with the most trustworthy system of protection anywhere. Learn more by calling 1-888-803-5678 now.

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