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Safe Choice Security Mobile App

With a mobile app that is both easy to use and convenient, Safe Choice Security makes managing your home protection easier than ever. You can get more than you ever thought possible from your security system. Anywhere, anytime, control of your system is at your fingertips. You can easily turn on or off your system, receive alerts, manage the energy consumption of your home and even watch security videos of your home from your mobile device.

Easy To Use and Convenient

Our mobile security app was designed with you in mind. The interfaces you encounter on the app make it simple and quick to control your security system. It takes mere moments to take care of your home security details so you can move onto other things you need to do.

No matter where you are, if activity occurs at your home, you are made instantly aware of it with real-time alerts delivered via your mobile device. This means you know when your kids are coming and going, or if there is an emergency at your home. Timely alerts are crucial to making sure help arrives on time.

The mobile app gives you remote control of your home security system, no matter how far away from home you are. You can arm your system and adjust climate control or lighting from anywhere using your mobile app. This means no more turning around because you have forgotten to take care of your home systems before leaving. You get true mobile home control with the mobile app.

Control On The Go From Your Phone

Download the right mobile app version for your phone now. The app is available for:

• iPad
• iPhone
• Android
• Windows Phone
• BlackBerry

*If you have a service plan, ask about our mobile app options. Functionality differs based on service plans.
Let the technology we offer transform your home security experience. Mobile apps and other cutting edge technological advancements make your home truly secure with Safe Choice Security.
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