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Safe Choice Wireless Home Security Systems

Keep your family safe and secure with our wireless home security options

Making the right choice when choosing a security provider for your home is important and can make the difference between avoiding a disastrous break in, losing valuable possessions or worse. That's why at Safe Choice Security we pride ourselves in offering home security systems that combine top quality, all American made equipment and industry leading home security monitoring. Our home security systems feature GE equipment, interactive monitoring via and Monitronics home monitoring that start at only $1 a day!

Safe Choice Security Offers

interactive security

Interactive Security

Interactivity is a key component for a top of the line security system. Wireless security from Safe Choice Security always keeps you in the know about what is happening at your property. Customized alerts will notify you via text or email of a variety of events. Two-way communication and Tamper and Damage Protection are two of the most appreciated features of this trusted security service.
Video Monitoring
Safe Choice Security provides video monitoring that you can check from anywhere. Online or mobile apps allow you to watch real-time or recorded video of your property. You can also customize video alerts so you know exactly when chosen events take place and can see what is happening. Schedule recording based on events like motion, alarms or a door opening for optimal monitoring.
Home Automation
Home Automation
With home automation from Safe Choice Security, you have advanced technology on your side for your security, video monitoring and energy systems. You can create a home system that automatically adjusts light and temperature, and locks doors. "Home" automation works equally well for businesses. By creating a schedule that is based on your life, you can save money on energy and be sure that all the doors in your home are always locked.
Energy Management
Energy Management
The Energy Management system offered by is one that will save you money on your energy bills and help you reduce your carbon footprint. Practically every home and business wastes a certain amount of energy due to leaving lights and climate control systems running when they don't need to be on. The Energy Management system puts an end to that wastefulness.