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Home Security Systems in Oakland, CA

Home Security Systems Oakland CA Oakland home security is a growing concern for residents. The city went from a predominately working-class city to a bustling metropolis seemingly overnight. Safe Choice Security can help protect your family, your home, your business and property. Oakland is in a constant state of change, yet Safe Choice Security’s reliable protection does not waver. Safe Choice Security uses cutting-edge technology that protects your property, your wallet, your peace of mind and your city's ecosystem.

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The Benefits of Using Safe Choice Security Systems

The safety and satisfaction of Safe Choice Security customers are top priorities.

  • Satisfied customers tell us how important and protected they feel with Safe Choice Security's 5-Diamond Rate Monitoring. Our Oakland security company competitors can't match this.
  • Burglars are thwarted by the unique smash and crash technology, which sends a signal despite damage.
  • Your property is constantly monitored, even when the system is disarmed.
  • Unlike other security systems, you don't even need an Internet connection or phone line.
  • Alert notices are sent directly to your mobile phone or email.
  • Our user-friendly mobile app and online access allows you to control your property's security virtually.

Unique 5-Diamond Rate Monitoring

CSAA 5 Diamond Certification Safe Choice Security uses the most innovative monitoring technology to prevent property invasions. We take Oakland security systems to a new level. We bring the most advanced 5-Diamond Rate Monitoring to you; only 2 percent of home security competitors across the nation use this technology. The Central Station Alarm Association deems that 5-Diamond Rate Monitoring is one of the most advanced and optimally performing monitoring technologies available.

The Leading Oakland Security Company Keeps You in Control

Oakland Security Company Oakland home security is our top priority, but your personal welfare is also important. Unlike other Oakland security systems, Safe Choice Security always keeps you in control. Your peace of mind is always protected because our innovative technology keeps you informed. You can virtually monitor your property's security from anywhere and at anytime. Safe Choice Security customers have the option to have custom alerts sent directly to their mobile device or email with security updates.

Oakland Security Systems Use Superior Video Monitoring Technology

Safe Choice Security customers take advantage of our advanced video monitoring features. If you receive any of our custom notifications, then you can inspect your property instantly. Our customers can inspect video surveillance from a safe distance in real time.

If you spot suspicious activity or if there is activity that you want to save, then you can save recordings of your own surveillance. In an effort to keep your footage safe, your recordings are kept separately and the likelihood of tampering dramatically decreases. For businesses, video surveillance provides more than just security; it also gives you a way to monitor employees and customer activity to increase productivity.

An Oakland Security Company that is Energy-Efficient and Cost-Efficient

Wireless Home Security Oakland California Safe Choice Security does more than provide Oakland security systems. Offering energy management combined with business or home security, Oakland residents get the benefits of staying protected while reducing energy bills and environmental impact.

Our advanced technology means that you don't need to leave the lights on all day or keep your home a heated or cooled when no one is there. You can create triggers or a smart schedule to ensure that energy use is minimized when possible. Automation from your security provider even lets you lock doors remotely and set the alarm from anywhere. Complete home automation from Safe Choice Security saves your security and your energy costs.

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