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Home Security Systems in Fresno, CA

Safe Choice Security - When Safety is Too Important to Settle for Less

Home Security Systems Fresno CA Safe Choice Security is the number one Fresno home security company. Being one of the best security companies comes from consistently delivering superior customer service and the most innovative safety technology in the business. The leading Fresno security systems provider offers wireless equipment that is some of the most advanced in the security field. It offers the latest in video monitoring and wireless technology for your home and business. Energy management and keyless access are only a few of the benefits that are part of this complete security system.

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Safe Choice Security Offers the Best Fresno Home Security Options

Top Fresno security systems company – Safe Choice Security provides the most integrated safety systems available offering the ultimate in security protection.

  • Unrivaled 5-Diamond rating that no other Fresno security company can match.
  • Unique tamper-resistant technology that immediately emits a signal in the event of a possible break-in, despite damage to the system.
  • Uninterrupted monitoring even when the alarm is not activated.
  • Phone lines and Internet are not required for this quality service.
  • Emergencies are quickly communicated by emails or mobile phone texts.
  • Convenient home monitoring from your mobile phone or computer.

Leading Fresno Security Systems Provider’s 5-Diamond Rating Advantage

CSAA 5 Diamond Certification Very few companies are awarded the 5-Diamond designation by the Central Station Alarm Association or CSAA. Only 2 percent of security companies receive this high rating in the United States. If you believe protecting your home, business and family is important, choosing the top security company Fresno can offer is the right move. Going with a highly rated company means you will receive superior levels of service and the most state-of-the-arts technology. Your home and family deserve the safety that only a quality Fresno security company can provide.

Be in the Know with Wireless Monitoring

Fresno Security Company Wireless security systems can alert you by email or by your mobile phone if there is any unusual activity in your home or business. These alerts can reach you night and day. You can have the confidence that when an emergency happens you will be contacted immediately wherever you are. You can access your system any time, making changes, adjustments or simply monitoring what is happening.

Integrated Video Monitoring Technology

This Fresno home security company provides the most advanced video surveillance systems. You can easily see any activity taking place in your home or office from anywhere you are. This allows business owners the ability to check on employee performance or monitor the comings and goings in their own home. Set the system to detect motion or doors opening, so these events are recorded. You can see these activities while they are taking place or have them recorded to watch later.

All the videos are stored away from the business or home, so that they cannot be damaged. This type of monitoring is extremely helpful for business owners, who want a discrete way to oversee what transpires at their business when they are away.

Fresno Home Security Company Delivers Energy Control and Conservation

Wireless Home Security Fresno California Another great feature of these top Fresno security systems is the ability to regulate home heating and cooling systems and lighting from your mobile phone or computer. Make sure your home is toasty warm and the lights on when you arrive at the end of the day. Remotely turn off the light when you are not there and turn down the thermostat.

You can schedule your thermostat to keep the house at a particular temperature and have the lights turn on at certain times each day. These types of options are not only a wonderful convenience, but they can reduce your energy bill. You life can be more secure and comfortable with Fresno home security from Safe Choice Security.

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