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Home Security Systems in Chesapeake, VA

Safe Choice Security Systems in Chesapeake, VA

Home Security Systems Chesapeak VA Chesapeake, VA is widely known for its natural beauty and rich history, which makes it a popular destination for visitors and home to a steadily growing population. In order to maintain the peace of mind needed to enjoy everything that Chesapeake offers, businesses and homes are not complete until they have the best home security Chesapeake has to offer - Safe Choice Security. It is the security company Chesapeake business and home owners rely on for effective, affordable monitoring and safety systems.

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Interactive Alarm.com service is a highlight of our systems.

Secure Your Most Important Assets

Any loss of property is upsetting, but when there is a violation of your home or personal business, the emotions run even deeper. Safe Choice Security understands how important your property is, and is dedicated to providing the best Chesapeake home security options. It brings you:

  • Advanced monitoring of your property, with a 5-diamond monitoring station.
  • Easy management of your system through a mobile phone app or online.
  • Wherever you are, you can count on the Chesapeake security company to keep you up to date with mobile and email alerts from your property.
  • The company's "Smash & Crash" technology that allows distress signals to be sent despite disabling of the system.
  • Systems that function without Internet or phone line.
  • Uninterrupted monitoring, even when unarmed.

Highest-Rated Systems in Chesapeake

CSAA 5 Diamond Certification The Chesapeake home security systems offered by Safe Choice Security aren't just known throughout the city for being effective -- they have also caught the attention of the Central Station Alarm Association, which gave its monitoring centers the elite five-diamond rating. This rating indicates that Safe Choice Security's comprehensive, high-tech monitoring is amongst the best in the nation. Just two percent of monitoring stations across the United States are given the five-diamond status..

Control Your System from Anywhere

Chesapeak Security Company The Safe Choice Security systems Chesapeake homes and businesses rely on provide an extraordinary degree of control. With them you can monitor your property via video stream whether your system is armed or not. A home security mobile app also allows users to control the system remotely, and text and email alerts provide up-to-the-minute information, whether you plan to be away for a few hours or a few weeks.

Solid and Secure Monitoring

With video monitoring from the leading Chesapeake security company, your security is better than ever. It provides unparalleled protection, you can view your premises in real time or scan through previously recorded video at any time to be sure you are aware of everything occurring on-location. You choose the triggers that start recording and to alert you of out-of-the-ordinary situations.

The advanced video monitoring system provided by Safe Choice Security not only allows you to observe your property when you're away but also allows you to monitor what goes on during business hours. Whether you want to observe customer flow to create a more efficient store layout or want to check upon your sales teams' tactics, the Safe Choice video monitoring system puts you in control.

Energy Management Benefits

Wireless Home Security Chesapeak Virginia Safe Choice Security systems don't just keep your business or home safe, they can keep it energy-efficient as well. Mobile app and Internet control allow you to set schedules for lighting and temperature changes at any time, and you can also make adjustments whenever you want.

Whether you have temperature-sensitive inventory or want to keep lights on to give the appearance of being home, Safe Choice Security helps you make efficient use of your utilities. You save money and get the level of protection you want, all while living a greener lifestyle.

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