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Safe Choice Security Home Automation

Safe Choice Security brings you the home automation system that allows you to interconnect your security system, video monitoring and other energy systems throughout your house. Futuristic home automation that adapts to you is available now. Experience the difference home automation makes.

Advantages of Home Automation
Home automation from Safe Choice Security brings you an array of enviable benefits.

• Intelligent scheduling of your system means you use less energy.
• Image alerts tell you who has entered your home every time the front door is opened.
• Never forget to lock a door with automatic locking every time your security system is armed.
• Discover if a flood is occurring in your home.
• Automatically turn on a welcoming porch light at dusk.
• Maximize your security system so you get the most benefit for your investment.
• Check on your favorite pet.
• See what your child is doing while home alone.
• Reliably secure your business with a system that arms automatically.

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Consolidated Solutions

An interconnected solution made up of your different home systems makes for a much smarter, more efficient home. When your different security and energy systems are in sync, everything just works better.

Because the different sensors are constantly being monitored, you can use triggers from one system to activate another. This gives you the freedom to make adjustments as necessary or even preset automatic adjustments. For example, you can program your system to turn on lights when you disarm your security system.

Interconnectivity makes each individual system smarter. Data about your coming and going provided by the security system will let your climate control system know when to adjust the temperature. This means you spend less on energy when you are not at home.

Intelligent Scheduling Fits Your Life

Your home automation is at your fingertips with intelligent scheduling. You can create your own schedule of when you want certain things to occur. For example you can turn on heat and lights in your home just before you get up every day and shut them off when you leave. You can schedule your AC to adjust to a higher temperature when the last employee leaves your business. You can customize your schedule by day of the week, specific lights, a select appliance like the coffee maker, thermostat and more.

Customizing Triggers to Make Your Home Even Smarter

Get the most from your Safe Choice Security home automation by setting triggers. You can tell your system that as soon as the door is locked, the system is armed, all lights are turned off and temperature settings are put to energy conservation mode. It can also be told that when the system is disarmed, doors should be unlocked, lights illuminated and temperatures adjusted to a more comfortable level. You even have the technology to make sure that if exterior temperatures fall below a certain level, heat will kick in so you never have to face frozen pipes.
With home automation from Safe Choice Security, you never again have to wonder if you turned off a light, locked a door or set the home security system. Everything is taken care of automatically, like clockwork, so you always have peace of mind and true security.
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