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Safe Choice Security Energy Management

The Safe Choice Security Energy Management options allow you to save energy by controlling your thermostats and lighting from anywhere and even creating Smart Schedules customized to your lifestyle. Taking advantage of these features is the best way to conserve energy and keep your energy bills down. Advantages of Energy Management from Safe Choice Security

There are so many benefits to the Energy Management services.

• Reduction of your carbon footprint
• Reduction of your energy bills through the use of energy-saving templates
• Customization of temperature and light schedules according to your lifestyle to save energy
• Remote control of your climate and lighting via mobile apps
• Alerts via text and email if there is a change in your thermostat settings.

Thermostat and Light Control

You can control your thermostat remotely via the Internet or the mobile app. Use either to create automatic thermostat settings so that the temperature is optimal when you are there and set to a more conservative level when you are not. You can even link your temperature settings to activate when you arm your security system. Optimal energy consumption is what you get.

Safe Choice Security gives you a similar system for your lights. You can turn them on or off remotely, or set them to automatically turn on when you arrive home. If you are away, you can schedule light patterns to give the impression that someone is at home. What's more is you never have to worry about whether or not you have left lights on inadvertently, because you can turn them off from anywhere. Light management gives you lower energy bills, increased security and convenience.

Smart Scheduling

With Smart Schedules, you can create a customized energy use plan so less energy is used on temperature and lighting when you are away from your home or business. The interconnectivity of your home systems and security system make it easy to set an automatic schedule of adjusting lights and temperature. You can set schedules that are sensitive to time of day, day of the week and the setting of your security system.

Activity Patterns

Your security system is smarter than you even realize. It can provide you with behavioral insights that will allow you to make the best energy saving decisions possible. It takes all the guess work out of creating a Smart Schedule. Just check out the Activity Patterns option on your Safe Choice Security system in order to set the most accurate energy saving schedule.

Extreme Temperature

Another surprisingly smart feature of your security system is the extreme temperature settings. You can preset your system to adjust your inside temperature up or down depending on how hot or cold it is outside. This makes it easier to get the temperature back to a comfortable level when you return. It also helps to protect pipes from freezing in the case of extreme cold.

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