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Safe Choice Security For Businesses

Your business needs a security system that will help you do more and do it better. Business-grade systems from Safe Choice Security go above and beyond anything you would have expected from a security system. They help you monitor employees, track customers and save money.

Do More With Advanced Security

When you invest in a system, you get unparalleled business protection.

• A dedicated wireless signal ensures that an intruder cannot cut off your communication by cutting a phone line or power.
• Unique access codes for each of your employees let you know who came and went when.
• The option of putting activity sensors in a variety of places in your business means you can protect not only exterior entrances, but also cabinets, safes, filing cabinets and private offices.
• You can monitor live and recorded video from anywhere via a mobile app or a computer.
• Video monitoring is securely stored off-site to protect it from tampering.
• Customer traffic can be easily monitored.
• Energy consumption can be reduced with thermostat and lighting control remotely or automatically.
• Daily reports can be accessed for every sensor.
• You can arm or disarm your system remotely or automatically.
• You can lock doors that have been forgotten from anywhere.
• Get timely alerts via your mobile device for activities you select.
With home security that does all that, you always have peace of mind.

Activity Sensors

A security system that offers total monitoring like this is a big plus for any business. Which areas of your business would you choose to place activity sensors?

• Cash register
• Data center
• Supply cabinet
• Inventory closet
• Filing cabinets
• Office safe
• Loading dock
• Private office
• Computer room

Business Solutions You Need

Advanced security system features let you do so much more for your business. Safe Choice Security gives you the business solutions you need:

• Access control and door lock control
• Remote access with mobile apps and online
• Wireless signals
• Video monitoring

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