Why Homes with Preschoolers Need Home Security

April 10, 2013

Practically any family in America needs home security today. However, for those with preschoolers, it is crucial. Having a good monitored security system with high tech features will help you in a variety of situations and keep trouble from finding your family and especially your little one.

See the many ways a home security keeps your family safer.

Emergency Response

When you have a true emergency, your security system will dispatch the right responder quickly. With one-touch emergency call buttons and two-way communicators, you can be where you need to be and still make sure help is on the way.

Video Monitoring

So the title Nanny Cams has a pretty bad connotation, however wanting to see how your child is being treated when you are away from them is human nature. Reassure yourself that your child is in good hands by using the video monitoring option on your home security system to keep tabs on what is happening at home. Even if a family member is caring for your child, it can give you a boost to see what your little one is doing.

Motion Detection

Installing motion detectors in areas where your preschoolers should not go is a wise move. You can be instantly alerted to where your child is, so even if you take your eyes off them for a moment, you can still be sure to be able to keep them from the danger that lurks in garages, bathrooms, kitchens, windows and doors.


The ultimate protection for your preschooler is putting sensors on sensitive areas in your home. Sensors work perfectly for small areas like cabinets or home office areas. If you want to be instantly aware if your child opens a liquor cabinet, pool gate or a medicine cabinet, you can with sensors that let you customize most of the best security systems out there today.

Before you invest in a home security system, make sure you are choosing one that has all the features you want. There are many providers on the market out there and many of the services offered do not carry all these features. To make matters worse, most companies require a commitment of 2 to 3 years, which means if you make a bad choice, you are stuck with it for quite a while.

Make your home safer for your preschooler with a security system that gives you the extra eyes and ears you need when you have little explorers.