What You Need To Know About Safety Where You Live

September 11, 2015


safety where you liveHow aware are you about the crime that takes place where you live? Do you know the frequency of crimes in your neighborhood and city? Do you know the types of crime that are taking place? Do you know where sex offenders live? If not, you really should. We have compiled the best go-to sources that you need to check out in order to keep yourself and your family safe.


CrimeReports.com gives you a quick and easy overview of crime in your neighborhood. Simply input your address and see the most recent crimes reported and quickly see where registered sex offenders live. Getting such information regularly will allow you to be more vigilant in your attention to safety and security at home.


The FBI.gov website puts out yearly crime statistics for cities and regions around the country. Information is available on property crime, violent crime and more. By checking such statistics you can get a good understanding of the crime that is happening beyond your neighborhood.  Trends that are increasing may be a sign of things to come, even if you haven’t already been affected by it.


This site keeps you up to date on when registered sex offenders move into or out of your area.  It also gives you an alert as to which offenders live near any address, so you can check your home, daycare, a school address or even a friend’s address in no time.


This website brings you a map showing the incidences of crime in your town, as well as a detailed spreadsheet that goes back more than 10 years showing rates for different types of crime during that period. This allows you to easily see if crime is on the increase. The site also shows you graphically how your town compares to the national average.


With NeighborhoodScout.com you can get a variety of information about different neighborhoods in your area, including crime rates by neighborhood. While you can see at a glance which parts of town are more crime ridden than others, in-depth information is only available to website subscribers.


SpotCrime.com allows you to quickly and easily get a visual overview of the crimes in your community. Just a glance will tell you about incidences of burglary, assault, arson, vandalism and more, and where they have occurred. The one problem with the site is that some areas are not available because crime data is not available in an open format.

Use any or even several of these sites to get a reliable feel on what crime is like where you live. Knowledge is power and knowing what the risk is will help you make the right choice on how to best protect your home and loved ones.