Use Your Cell Phone For Safety Not Distractedness

March 2, 2014

cell phone for safetyYour cell phone can easily distract you from the things going on around you. Many people walk while texting or talking on the phone. Others check Facebook and emails while waiting.  Many stop whatever they are doing a search for their phone as soon as it vibrates or makes a sound. As long as it is legal, you may be wondering what the problem is with using your cell phone. The distractedness it creates sets you up to become a victim of crime.

Criminals Are Looking For Those Who Are Not Paying Attention

Criminals don’t look for the best dressed or the person with the nicest car or house. They look for opportunity and that means a reduced likelihood of being caught. If you are distracted by your phone, you are less likely to notice someone approaching you. That means your risk of purse snatching, abduction, carjacking and simple petty theft is greatly increased.

The biggest thing you can do to reduce that risk is to put away your phone and not use it in public. Stay alert and you stay safer.

Ways Your Cell Phone Can Keep You Safer

However, there are several ways that you can use your cell phone to keep yourself safer.

–          Have an emergency number on speed dial, so you can quickly call for help.  Even if you do nothing but make the call and drop the phone, whoever answers will likely understand that you are in trouble and will send help.

–          Put a tracking app on your phone. That will help the authorities find you if you are kidnapped or find the thieves if your phone is stolen.

–          Have your cell phone in an easy to reach location when you are out and about. That way you can quickly get to it and call for help if needed.

–          Use your phone to take pictures of your surroundings, especially if someone looks suspicious. It will likely provide a huge deterrent for them.

Your cell phone can put you at increased risk or it can be a tool to keep you safe. How you choose to use yours can make a huge difference to whether or not you become a victim or are empowered to stay safe.