Trends in Wall Décor

April 22, 2013

Take a look on Pinterest or in any decorating magazine and you will find that there is an abundance of inspiration just ripe for the picking when it comes to ways to bring the walls of your home to life. Two of the biggest trends in wall décor right now are collages of framed prints and words for the wall.

A Collage for Your Wall

A collage of pictures found in today’s home can come in a variety of styles. While there are many people will gravitate toward the perfectly aligned collage of pictures of the same size, in the same exact frames organized in perfect symmetry, others are very out of the box.

Some home owners create a floor to ceiling array of their favorite pictures in a mish mash of different frames and sizes for an eclectic but charming presentation of cherished photos. A busy wall also gives you the opportunity to hide security features like cameras. Others opt for a display of differing photos on narrow shelves lining a wall. This adds visual interest to the display of your photos.

Words for the Wall

When it comes to words for the wall, there are so many choices. You can purchase vinyl decals to apply directly to your wall. These can be found in a variety of home décor retailers or you can have them custom made very affordably. Another option in words for the wall is words, expressions, quotes, prayers, Bible verses and more that are printed on wood or canvas or another ready to hang frame.

Use words for the wall to add visual interest to the collage of photos you have created or to offset pictures of a certain type. Words can be the focal point of a wall display with photos surrounding it, or it can be on its own, making a statement without anything to detract from it. Custom decals for the wall can include monograms and names for a completely personalized classic look to a special room.

You can even give your wall décor added texture and interest by adding wall box shelves or shadow box frames to display things you wouldn’t normally put on the wall. Hanging metal or wooden designs can also add to the interest factor of your display.

Transform a blank wall into a focal point in your home with modern wall décor, including collages and words. A narrow wall, a hallway, going up the stairs and just about anywhere – they all have the potential to be your black slate. Embrace your creativity and see how your favorite pictures and words can make your home come alive even more.