Top 5 Home Security Tips For Your Summer Vacation

May 27, 2014

Summer Vacation Home SecurityA great summer vacation can be seriously marred by coming home to discover that your home has been broken into. However, by taking a variety of precautions before your summer vacation, you can avoid being targeted for home invasion.

Hire house sitters.

Hiring house sitters is a great choice when it comes to keeping your home more secure. Because they are coming and going like normal, your home is never considered empty. You may even be able to find retired house sitters or those between jobs who will be present even more often than you are. This greatly reduces the risk of home invasion, but if you hire strangers you may want to very carefully check them out first.

Eliminate deliveries to your home during your absence.

Be sure to cancel deliveries to your house while you are away. Also, ask that your mail be held till your return, or have a neighbor pick it up. Having things pile up outside your home is a dead giveaway that you are on vacation.

Take care of your lawn.

Cut your grass super short before your vacation and if you are gone for an extended period, be sure to have someone cut it for you. An untended lawn, especially if you are typically mindful of your yard, is a giveaway that you aren’t home.

Don’t let others know you’ll be away.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t advertise your absence. But you are likely thinking, “of course I’ll tell my friends, whom I trust, and that’s it.” However, it’s more the method in which you tell them that can make you a target. Be sure you share such information in a place where you are not being overheard. Also, do not use social media to share the news of your vacation. You never know who can access a friend’s email account or who sees their likes and comments in their own newsfeed.

Use your home automation system to give the illusion that you are at home.

Many home security systems today come with home automation abilities. That means you can control a variety of systems in your home remotely or by programming. Set up your system for lights, music and TV to come on and go off at different times in your absence. This tells anyone casing your home that there is indeed someone in your house.

These top 5 home security tips go far to help keep your home safe so you don’t come home to bad news.