Spring Security Concerns

March 21, 2014

daffodil-spring-meadow-1378554-mAs seasons change, so do the risks we face when it comes to security. Realistically, nicer weather means people are outside more and this includes criminals. They are on the move more, casing homes and businesses, looking for the next place to hit. You need to pay particular attention to seasonal concerns to keep your home as safe and secure as it can be.

As you are doing spring repairs and touch-ups, keep track of your ladder. Do not leave it propped up against your house, or even outside in the yard. If you are not using it, security demands it must be stored.

Opening the windows and airing out your home while getting a breath of fresh air is a favorite part of spring. Just remember to always close them at night and when you go out, especially those located on the first floor.

Opening drapes and blinds to let the beautiful sun in is another spring tradition. Just be sure to hide valuables out of sight, especially on ground level floors, so you don’t tempt burglars.

With warmer weather comes pool time again. If you have a pool in your yard, ensure that all the safety precautions are in place before you put even an inch of water in it.

Don’t leave doors and garages open and unattended. It is inviting someone to help themselves.

As shrubs and trees bloom again, they provide camouflage for criminals that was not there in winter months. Plan your landscaping so that there are no opportunities for criminals to hide close to your home.

In your spring cleaning, pay attention to doors and windows and their locking mechanisms. On doors, there should be sturdy deadbolts that pose a challenge to burglars. The area around the lock may need to be reinforced in the case of wooden doors and frames to increase protection. For windows, simple bars can often help to reinforce weaker locking systems.

Remember that even good locks and attention to security is not enough to prevent the determined burglar from getting into your home. Smash and grab is a common strategy. Your best protection is always a high-tech monitored home security system with video surveillance.