Security on the Beach

June 3, 2013

Summer time is ripe for relaxation, fun in the sun, playing in the water and lying on the beach. However, just as you would in any public place, you need to make sure that you are safe while at the beach. Follow these valuable tips of things to do and things you can make or buy to help keep you safe.

Leave Valuables Behind

Before you leave home, take a good look at the items you are considering bringing to the beach with you. Leave valuable items behind and take the basics only. For hard to replace items that you must bring with you such as a driver’s license or credit card, leave them in your locked car in a well-hidden location. Minimizing the items you bring with you to the beach will make you less of a target for thieves.

Create a Sunscreen Bottle Hiding Spot

Clean out a wide mouth sunscreen bottle and bring it with you when you head to the beach. Use it to hide your car key and any cash you might have brought onto the beach. If you find a large enough bottle you may even be able to hide your cell phone in it. Although a cell phone is one of those things that would be better left in the car for security. A lost cell phone today often contains much more than simply phone numbers.

Keep An Eye on Your Goods

When you walk away from the things you have brought to the beach, try to stay within eyesight of them. Keep checking back regularly. If you are in the water, turn so you can watch your stuff.

Don’t Go Alone

Going to the beach alone is a bad idea. Especially a female alone on the beach can quickly become a target for thieves, harassed and worse. This is even truer at night. Never go to the beach alone at night. While it is officially closed to visitors, many people, especially undesirables tend to congregate there. At night there is typically little to no security or police surveillance on most beaches.

Beach time is meant to be down time, a break from the everyday stress of life. Before you leave home, you have done all you can to ensure that it remains secure while you are away. You must be equally as vigilant with yourself and the things you bring with you to the beach.