6 Safest Cities in Vermont: Safest Places to Live in VT

September 24, 2014

6 Safest Cities in Vermont: Safest Places to Live in VT

Surrounded by the Connecticut River on the east and by Lake Chaplain on the west, the beautiful state of Vermont is the second largest state in New England. The Green Mountain Range increases the beauty of Vermont manifold as the vegetation-covered mountains add calm and serenity to the scenery. Vermont is a beautiful state with a moderate population and is one of the best places to live because of the aesthetics and the rich culture. However, as is the case with most other states, safety depends on the area where one resides. We have put together a list of the 6 safest cities in Vermont, so that you know which places to look at first for your next home or business location.

After a thorough consultation of the 2012 FBI Crime Statistics report, Safe Choice Security got the detailed inside scoop crime in Vermont. After comparing FBI statistics on property and violent crime rates in cities around The Green Mountain State, we compiled our list of the top 6 safest cities and towns in Vermont.

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1. Middlebury, VT

Middlebury is the very safest city in the state of Vermont and is located in Addison County in the middle of the state. The small city is home to Middlebury College and the Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont History. It is the second largest town in Vermont and the safest due to its excellent, active police department. Noted as a safe place for women and children, its low crime rates prove it. The public safety department ensures that information relevant to safety is easily accessible and that timely broadcasts are made during emergencies. As the #1 safest city in Vermont, Middlebury is a great choice for your next move, if you are considering getting out of the city and to a much safer place to call home.

Population: 8,477
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.83
Property Crimes per 1000: 11.68
Crime Index: 68
Safer than 68% of US cities

2. Newport, VT

The City of Newport, located in Orleans County, in the northern part of Vermont, is a four seasons resort area, with spectacular views and fantastic outdoor amenities. Newport is a gateway between New England and Canada. With the largest population in the county, it is also the smallest community in area. Despite its large population, the crime rate of the city is extremely low. It is bordered on the north by Canada, and it forms the southern portion of Lake Memphremagog. It has its own Fire Department, ambulance services, and police department. The dedicated police force is a large part of the reason the town is so safe. Newport is an ideal place for any potential homebuyer as it provides the quaint small town environment along with the safety and facilities of a well-developed city.

Population: 4,576
Violent Crimes per 1000: 4.37
Property Crimes per 1000: 17.48
Crime Index: 40
Safer than 40% of US cities

3. Winooski, VT

Winooski is another Chittenden County city, just outside of Burlington. It is situated at the mouth of the Winooski River and has a long history. Parks, trails and other outdoor activities throughout the town provide entertainment for visitors and residents. For the outdoors lover, Winooski is a perfect fit. To further sweeten the deal, the crime rate is comparatively very low in Winooski. The place is a safe haven for its dwellers as it has its own dedicated active police department that falls under the public safety department of the city. The constant efforts of the Winooski Police Department mean the city has maintained a low crime rate making it an attractive place to live or do business.
Regardless of the size of town you are looking for in Vermont, you will be pleased to know that the safest cities there represent a variety of different sizes and parts of the state. Look no further than the Safe Choice Security safe cities list to find the perfect city for your next move.

Population: 7,307
Violent Crimes per 1000: 3.01
Property Crimes per 1000: 20.94
Crime Index: 35
Safer than 35% of US cities

4. Springfield, VT

Springfield is a town in Windsor County, Vermont. Several sites such as Hartness House and the Gould’s Mill Bridge have been designated as having historical significance according to the National Register of Historic Places. Springfield is also home to the Eureka Schoolhouse, which happens to be the oldest school with just one room. The crime rate in Springfield city is surprisingly low, all thanks to the Springfield Police Department, which has been termed as one of the busiest departments in Windsor County. Each year law enforcement officers respond to approximately 5,400 calls for service and is very active in providing help and service. The Springfield Police Department also has an Emergency Communications Centre which answers calls at all times thus ensuring the provision of help to whoever needs it, thereby making Springfield one of the safest cities.

Population: 9,367
Violent Crimes per 1000: 3.42
Property Crimes per 1000: 30.53
Crime Index: 20
Safer than 20% of US cities

5. Burlington, VT

Burlington is the largest city in the state and is the county seat of Chittenden County. It is a surprise addition to our list, as the largest city in a state is not typically one of the safest. A vibrant, small city located on the eastern shoreline of Lake Champlain, it is a mere 45 miles from the Canadian border. Culture, art, music, shopping and history attract visitors from all over. Outdoor amenities, special events and its beautiful location by the lake appeal to both residents and visitors. Burlington remains one of the safest cities in Vermont due to the constant efforts of the efficient police department. The Burlington Police Department has an authorized strength of more than 100 police officers. Its unique way of policing, as devised by the Burlington Police Department is community policing – involving the community, in order to understand the needs of the neighbourhood better. Such unique techniques have helped Burlington remain a very low crime area and a safe place for its residents.

Population: 42,417
Violent Crimes per 1000: 3.73
Property Crimes per 1000: 30.7
Crime Index: 20
Safer than 20% of US cities

6. Bennington, VT

Bennington is located in Bennington County, in southern Vermont. Bennington’s population makes it the largest in the county and one of the largest in Vermont. The home of the Bennington Battle Monument – the tallest human-made structure in the state of Vermont – the town is also well-known for its pottery, iron, and textiles. Today its historic downtown is a big draw, as its special events, festivals and arts. Bordered by the mountains, residents thrill to the natural beauty surrounding them your-round. The beautiful city of Bennington is also one of the safest cities in Vermont, and is well protected by an able police department. The Bennington Police Department serves Bennington, Old Bennington and North Bennington. In addition, the Vermont State Police serves the town for optimal protection. Thus, the city has a very low crime rate and provides a safe haven for its residents.

Population: 15,691
Violent Crimes per 1000: 1.72
Property Crimes per 1000: 36.58
Crime Index: 16
Safer than 16% of US cities

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6 Safest Cities in Vermont: Safest Places to Live in VT

Disclaimer: To improve the accuracy and usefulness of our list, we chose to exclude small communities with populations below 5,000 in our rankings.
Our rankings are determined by national crime statistics published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Our rankings are only as accurate as the local population and crime statistics officially released by the FBI.

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