29 Safest Cities in New York: Safest Places to Live in NY

September 15, 2014

6. Stony Point, NY

Stony Point is a mountainous town in Rockland County, which is also northwest of the Big Apple. It is located on the Hudson River and attracts tourists, boaters and businesses with its rich historical legacy. Historic battlefield sites, the oldest lighthouse on the Hudson River and other landmarks are amongst the most popular attractions in town. With an array of hamlets, outdoor amenities and exciting events to attend, Stony Point is a wonderful community within an easy drive of the city. The Stony Point Police Department does an exceptional job of keeping the community safe and the crime rate low in the town, thanks to crime prevention and education programs geared at citizens, as well as careful attention to active policing.

Population: 12,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.25
Property Crimes per 1000: 5.76
Crime Index: 91
Safer than 91% of US cities

7. Rye Brook, NY

Rye Brook, NY: Safest Cities in New YorkThe village of Rye Brook is one of the newer communities in Westchester County. A top choice of those looking for a suburb conveniently close to New York, it offers true small town charm. Bordering Greenwich, Connecticut and Port Chester, it is close to bigger centers for shopping, but is truly a bedroom community. With a variety of parks, including the 36 acre preserve Crawford Park with its historic mansion, sporting facilities and other outdoor amenities, such as the Rye Nature Center, residents easily stay busy. Its twenty year old police force is instrumental is maintaining the low crime rate and is committed to a variety of crime prevention programs. Rye Brook is an impressively safe community to call home if you can afford it.

Population: 9,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.11
Property Crimes per 1000: 7.08
Crime Index: 87
Safer than 87% of US cities

8. Bronxville, NY

Bronxville, NY, is a square-mile village in the south portion of Westchester County just 15 miles from Midtown Manhattan. It has been ranked 20th in the US on a list of highest income municipalities. With beautiful residential areas, impressive architecture and a top-notch school system, it is very attractive for anyone who wants a small community convenient for commuting. In addition to parkland, athletic fields, woodlands, and the Bronx River Parkway Reservation, the village also has amenities like a train station and a hospital in the center of town. The Bronxville Police Department does an amazing job of keeping the community safe, even instituting programs like “Dark House” to ensure that vacant homes are checked regularly.

Population: 6,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.16
Property Crimes per 1000: 7.65
Crime Index: 85
Safer than 85% of US cities

9. Fairpoint, NY

Fairport is located in Monroe County in the middle part of the state, and was named for its pleasant location on the Erie Canal. Also known as “Crown Jewel of the Erie Canal”, it is a suburb of Rochester located just 9 miles outside the city. It has been named one of Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live. A breathtaking waterfront, tons of amenities and special events throughout the year make it a great place to live. Festivals like Canal Days attract visitors and exhibitors from everywhere. The Fairport Police Department is committed to community policing and is equipped with the latest and best training and technology in order to make Fairport the safest municipality in its part of the state.

Population: 5,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.37
Property Crimes per 1000: 7.79
Crime Index: 85
Safer than 85% of US cities

10. Harrison, NY

Harrison, NY: Safest Cities in New YorkHarrison is a charming town just 22 miles north of Manhattan. This mid-sized suburb in Westchester County is ideal for those who want to enjoy the luxuries of the big city, while being far enough away from its hectic lifestyle and high crime rates. A lake, hills, cliff and a quaint downtown area make up the picturesque community that offers a long history and impressive amenities. With a busy recreation department that offers both indoor and outdoor programs for residents of all ages, Harrison has been listed sixth of the top 10 places to live in New York State in 2014. The Harrison Police Department brings a variety of programs to life in the town to help ensure that it has the lowest crime rates possible.

Population: 27,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.4
Property Crimes per 1000: 7.54
Crime Index: 85
Safer than 85% of US cities

11. Tarrytown, NY

Tarrytown, NY: Safest Cities in New YorkThe Village of Tarrytown is also situated in Westchester County. On the eastern bank of Hudson River, it is merely a convenient 25 miles from Manhattan and with a direct train route to Grand Central Station, it is an ideal commuter town. The mid-sized municipality was also ranked 2nd of top 10 places to live in the state. Headquartering several recognizable businesses, employment opportunities in the town are good. Its rich history and waterfront add to the undeniable charm of this suburb, making it appealing for residents of all ages. A well-established police department is at the root of the low crime rates residents of Tarrytown enjoy.

Population: 11,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.18
Property Crimes per 1000: 8.15
Crime Index: 84
Safer than 84% of US cities

12. Scarsdale, NY

Scarsdale, NY: Safest Cities in New YorkAffluent Scarsdale, is another exclusive suburb in Westchester County. The town’s history is rooted in the American Revolution, as it holds an important part in its formation. Today’s Scarsdale provides great recreational opportunities for its residents, including parks and even a Nature Center, as well as the everyday amenities you would expect to find in a mid-sized town. The Scarsdale Police Department has a variety of crime prevention programs in place targeting residents of all ages, to ensure criminals don’t get a foothold in the town. With a high percentage of families with children and low crime rates, Scarsdale is a wonderful suburb if you can afford to live there.

Population: 17,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.12
Property Crimes per 1000: 8.28
Crime Index: 83
Safer than 83% of US cities

13. Croton-on-Hudson, NY

Croton-on-Hudson is a yet another small municipality in safe Westchester County just north of New York City. The town’s railroad, which is a major service facility, has been largely behind its growth. Situated on the banks of the Hudson River, the village also has a variety of parks, which add to the beauty and charm of the community. Watersports, special events and other outdoor amenities make the town practically irresistible to those looking for a safer place to call home. Croton-on-Hudson’s police department has a force that takes safety seriously and goes above and beyond in order to keep crime rates low in this pleasant suburban community.

Population: 8,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.12
Property Crimes per 1000: 8.44
Crime Index: 83
Safer than 83% of US cities

14. Mamaroneck, NY

Mamaroneck, NY: Safest Cities in New YorkThe medium-sized town of Mamaroneck is also located in Westchester County just north of the city. Located beside the river, it appeals to suburbanites who love the water or hills. The Town of Mamaroneck found itself #1 on a list of top 10 places to live in the state in 2014. Its other big claims to fame are: in 2008, the city introduced New York’s first vegetable oil powered garbage truck, and the town also headquarters the publication division of Archie Comics. The Mamaroneck Police Department works with a variety of specialized programs, as well as the town’s Emergency Response Team to ensure the safety of those living there.

Population: 19,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.84
Property Crimes per 1000: 7.88
Crime Index: 82
Safer than 82% of US cities

15. Lynbrook, NY

Lynbrook, NY: Safest Cities in New YorkThe Village of Lynbrook is another Nassau County community to make our list of safe cities. It is a beautiful village located on the county’s south shore of Long Island. The village is the setting of the television series Everybody Loves Raymond, despite the fact that the shooting actually occurred in California. The mid-sized commuter town is connected to the heart of the city by the Long Island Rail Road service. A variety of seasonal events are enticing to those living there, as is its closeness to the ocean. The Lynbrook Police Department, serving 24 hours a day/7 days a week ensures that the community stays safe despite its proximity to the city so the quality of life in town is never compromised.

Population: 19,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.61
Property Crimes per 1000: 8.16
Crime Index: 82
Safer than 82% of US cities

16. Sleepy Hollow, NY

Sleepy Hollow is another small village from Westchester County to make our list. Lying on the east bank of Hudson River, it is just 30 miles from New York City. The village is famous for its role in the story, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” which was created based on Washington Irvin’s short story. The author is buried in the village’s cemetery. With a variety of amenities to offer residents including an exciting waterfront area, the town is one that appeals to many looking to leave the dangerous city. The Sleepy Hollow Police Department works with the County Public Safety Department and the state police force to keep this town incredibly safe.

Population: 10,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.9
Property Crimes per 1000: 8.0
Crime Index: 81
Safer than 81% of US cities

17. Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

Hastings-on-Hudson is a small suburb in Westchester County, surrounded by the Hudson River on the western side and the Saw Mill River on the eastern side. A favorite amongst commuters, it is well established with commuter rail and bus systems. With a rich history, it has a large number of attractions and recreational facilities, making it a great choice for a new home town. The Hastings-on-Hudson Police Department is known for maintaining peace and owes some of its success to the community programs put in place.

Population: 8,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.88
Property Crimes per 1000: 8.05
Crime Index: 81
Safer than 81% of US cities

18. Lancaster, NY

Lancaster is a medium-sized city in Erie County, located east of Buffalo. The historic town is home to one of the oldest stone structures in the county, the Warren Hull House and it also has beautiful streams, impressive parks and waterways spread throughout town. The Buffalo suburb is easily accessed and is convenient for those who wish to live outside the city but still enjoy its advantages. The Lancaster Police Department is multi-faceted and committed to delivering on keeping the town exceedingly safe.

Population: 10,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.29
Property Crimes per 1000: 10.16
Crime Index: 76
Safer than 76% of US cities

19. Rye, NY

Rye is another affluent Westchester County city and is known as the youngest city in the state. It has been ranked ninth in the top 10 places to live in New York State for 2014. Its Rye High School is a top ranked school in the nation. Rye is also very expensive, ranking 3rd most expensive city in the nation. The city is well connected with commuter rail and bus system. It offers parks, a historic amusement park, boat slips and storage and more to meet the needs of its residents. The city’s police department does an exceptional job in its responsibility for maintaining peace in the city.

Population: 15,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.13
Property Crimes per 1000: 10.43
Crime Index: 75
Safer than 75% of US cities

20. Woodbury, NY

Woodbury is a relatively young town located in Orange County, north of New York City. It is located in the south-eastern area of the county and used to be known as Woodbury Clove. Bordering Schunnemunk Mountain, and with a variety of vales and lakes peppering the town, it truly is a haven for the outdoorsperson. It also is home to one of the largest outlet shopping malls in the world, which attracts a large number of tourists. The Town of Woodbury has a dedicated police department with a variety of programs and efforts to minimize crime in the municipality, thereby protecting of quality of life of the residents.

Population: 9,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.56
Property Crimes per 1000: 9.99
Crime Index: 75
Safer than 75% of US cities

21. Long Beach, NY

Long Beach, NY: Safest Cities in New YorkThe city of Long Beach is another safe city located in Nassau County south of Long Island, on the Long Beach Barrier Island. It is also known as “The City by the Sea” and offers impressive parks, recreation, historic sites and landmarks. The City oversees the Atlantic Ocean on the south and is surrounded by the Reynolds Channel on its other sides. It was named one of the 25 cleanest shores in the United States. The city had a beautiful boardwalk along the sea, which was unfortunately destroyed in 2012 by the Hurricane Sandy, and it is still recovering. For the many who use Long Beach as a bedroom community, the city is well connected with rail road and bus systems. The Long Beach Police Department ensures the safety of the town through a variety of initiatives designed to keep crime rates low.

Population: 33,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 1.34
Property Crimes per 1000: 9.38
Crime Index: 74
Safer than 74% of US cities

22. Peekskill, NY

Peekskill, NY: Safest Cities in New YorkThe City of Peekskill is located in the northwestern part of the Westchester County about 40 miles from New York City. On a bay of the eastern side of the Hudson River, the city has a history as an industrial center, renowned for generations for its iron plow and stove products. Its waterfront location and rich history today make it an attractive small city for those looking for a safe place to call home. The town is a haven for the arts, having strategically implemented economic incentives to landlords who rent to artists. The result is that Peekskill attracts art enthusiasts and others who enjoy the rich culture the city has to offer. The city has a well-equipped, professional police department that ensures the safety of residents and visitors by successfully keeping crime down.

Population: 23,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 1.55
Property Crimes per 1000: 9.25
Crime Index: 74
Safer than 74% of US cities

23. Northport, NY

The Village of Northport is located in Suffolk County on New York’s Long Island. Situated on the water, it offers history, charm and more to those who choose to call it home. Waterfront parks, antique shops and a regular schedule of special events and concerts on the Harbor front appeal to both residents and visitors to the community. It is especially popular with artists, performing artists, musicians, writers and sports players. Low steep hills form the town’s unique geography, giving it the look of an upscale fishing village despite its close proximity to New York City. The Northport police department works with harbormasters, the fire department and neighboring police forces to help keep the residents and visitors of the town safe.

Population: 7,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.27
Property Crimes per 1000: 10.85
Crime Index: 73
Safer than 73% of US cities

24. Dobbs Ferry, NY

The Village of Dobbs Ferry is located in Westchester County, just north of the Big Apple. The village was ranked 7th of the top 10 places to live in New York state in 2014. It was also the first one in the state to be certified as a “Climate Smart Community.” Surrounded by the Hudson River and Saw Mill River on its western and eastern sides, Dobbs Ferry has beautiful parks, outdoor amenities and a nature preserve that enriches the lifestyle there. Waterfront living in this historic town is a joy with an array of special events and a focus on living green. In addition to its own dedicated police force to keep crime rates low in town, mutual agreements with neighboring communities provide backup as needed.

Population: 11,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.64
Property Crimes per 1000: 10.58
Crime Index: 73
Safer than 73% of US cities

25. Eastchester, NY

Eastchester, NY: Safest Cities in New York
Eastchester town is one of the largest municipalities on our list of safe NY cities with over 32,000 residents. Like many of the others it is located in the suburban Westchester County. Eastchester is located within an easy distance of New York City, in the southern portion of the city. This historic waterside town has parks, a country club, a nature preserve and various other amenities to appeal to residents. The city also has special programs in place to help the elderly and the homeless. The multi-faceted police force has an array of programs in place to keep crime in the city under control and does an impressive job for a city of its size.

Population: 19,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.15
Property Crimes per 1000: 11.25
Crime Index: 72
Safer than 72% of US cities

26. Washingtonville, NY

Washingtonville, NY
The village of Washingtonville is located in Orange County and is one of the smallest communities on our list. The municipality was named in honor of George Washington and boasts a far reaching history back to the 1700s. With historic buildings and the oldest continually operating winery in the country, Washingtonville is a quaint, safe little town to move to for anyone looking for a bedroom community that will let them enjoy small town living. The village is well protected by a police department that understands the importance of vigilance.

Population: 6,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.85
Property Crimes per 1000: 11.19
Crime Index: 69
Safer than 69% of US cities

27. Mount Kisco, NY

Mount Kisco, is another Westchester County community that proves to be a safe suburb for those wanting to be close to the city but not in the city. Mount Kisco was positioned 4th of the top 10 places to live in New York this year. The small town is known for its socioeconomic diversity and is home to many popular chain stores as well as established boutiques, jewelry houses, and eateries, catering to affluent clients. The town is well located in the commercial hub area of northern Westchester. With historic buildings, an array of age specific programs, and special events there is always fun and activities for the residents of the community. The Mount Kisco Police Department is one of the oldest in the state, but it is still incredibly effective in keeping the crime rate low, even if it is close to New York City.

Population: 11,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 2.45
Property Crimes per 1000: 11.17
Crime Index: 64
Safer than 64% of US cities

28. Ossining, NY

Ossining, NY: Safest Cities in New YorkThe Village of Ossining is another large Westchester County suburb. The village was listed 8th amongst the list of top 10 places to live in New York. Located beside the Hudson River’s eastern shores, the breathtaking waterfront community is also home to many historic structures which are registered with the National Register of Historic Places. Festivals, culture, recreation and outdoor amenities like a village running path await those who move to the town. It also boasts a well established and focused police department which ensures the safety of residents through crime prevention programs and active policing.

Population: 25,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 1.62
Property Crimes per 1000: 12.38
Crime Index: 62
Safer than 62% of US cities

29. Baldwinsville, NY

The village of Baldwinsville is located in Onondaga County in the central portion of the state. A small community, it is not far from Syracuse. The village hosts many community festivals each year; including the Baldwinsville Oktoberfest and the Seneca River Days. . The Seneca River runs through the village into the Erie Canal. Historical homes mingled with beautiful landscapes form a charming community. Rivers, lakes, streams, and ponds throughout the area ensure that those looking for natural surroundings get just that. The police department of the village has aggressive policies that ensure the communities low crime rate remains low, so villagers can enjoy the feeling of security that has become the norm.

Population: 7,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.41
Property Crimes per 1000: 13.76
Crime Index: 62
Safer than 62% of US cities

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20 Safest Cities in New York: Safest Places to Live in KY

Disclaimer: To improve the accuracy and usefulness of our list, we chose to exclude small communities with populations below 5,000 in our rankings.
Our rankings are determined by national crime statistics published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Our rankings are only as accurate as the local population and crime statistics officially released by the FBI.

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