25 Safest Cities in Iowa: Safest Places to Live in IA

October 1, 2014

25 Safest Cities in Iowa: Safest Places to Live in IA

Often referred to as the American Heartland; Iowa offers a fusion of industry, agriculture and innovation. Iowans are famous for good farming and good community. Despite the peace and quiet found between the long expanses of corn ripening under the August sun, crime can still be a major problem. If you should find yourself craving a piece of Iowa for yourself, learn about which cities stand out as the safest.

After a careful analysis of the 2012 FBI Crime Statistics, we at Safe Choice Security created a list of the 25 safest cities in Iowa. We considered both the property and violent crime statistics to get some realistic insight into the actual incidences of crime in the towns and cities in Iowa. With this information, you have a confident starting point for finding the ideal municipality for your next home or start-up business.

We hope you enjoy learning about Iowa’s safest cities! If your city was named one of the safest cities in IA, please do proudly display your badge on your website! Get the code here.Get the code here.

1. Jefferson, IA

Jefferson, IA, is best known for its peaceful, historic downtown district which contains its oldest theater and plenty of active businesses. Breaking the skyline is the Mahanay Memorial which allows visitors to travel up the 15 floor bell tower to get a panoramic view of rural Greene County. And for the outdoors enthusiasts, there’s always the Raccoon River Valley Trail. This trail system goes right through downtown and continues on well into other portions of the state. Jefferson’s portion includes a number of scenic trails to keep these friendly residents fit. Situated northwest of Des Moines, this quaint city boasts plenty of fun activities as well as a low crime rate.

While this small city – the safest one in the state – is vigilantly protected by officers with experience interacting with larger federal and state agencies – the grand majority of all calls have been dedicated to public service. JPD stands by its commitment to protect and serve by implementing additional training and special programs. For those looking to start up a new business here, Jefferson is always on the look-out for entrepreneurs to join its burgeoning community. Alongside a low crime rate, this city has a great reputation of being very accommodating of new businesses.

Population: 4,340
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.46
Property Crimes per 1000: 6.22
Crime Index: 89
Safer than 89% of US cities

2. Humboldt, IA

On the banks of Lake Nokomis and Cylinder Creek lies the proud city of Humboldt, IA, one of the smaller cities on our list. Just north of where the two forks of the Des Moines River meet, this municipality was the subject of a half-hour documentary by ABC-TV on the very definition of “Small Town Iowa”. It also famously hosted a delegation of Soviet officials back in 1955 to serve as a great example of rural American life. Humboldt’s rich and pivotal history has been preserved through the many philanthropic contributions of notable athletes and politicians who have hailed from here. A good number of historical parks and buildings have been preserved for future generations to see. In particular, the Frank A. Gotch State Park hosts a fantastic exhibit on ancient Dakota villages which serve to remind residents and visitors of the deep roots this community has always maintained. Humboldt stands by its commitment to a high quality of life and a low crime rate – thanks, no doubt, to the service of their highly competent police force.

Population: 4,701
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.43
Property Crimes per 1000: 6.81
Crime Index: 87
Safer than 87% of US cities

3. North Liberty, IA

Originally just called “North Bend” due to its location on a bend of the Iowa River, North Liberty, IA, has since turned into the second fastest growing city in the state. Just in the last thirty years, North Liberty had grown from barely a central library to acquiring its own hard-working police and fire departments. Grown around those central tenets of education, protection, and safety, this city has even attracted its own radio telescope for peering into the cosmos! With the Hawkeye Wildlife Management Area directly northwest and Iowa City to the southeast, North Liberty is the ideal, safe, low-crime environment to raise an active, healthy family. Its proximity to Iowa City opens up a great many job and educational opportunities while its rural setting allows a break from the hectic pace of big city life. And with an active and involved police force, North Liberty has become an ideal place to be in Iowa.

Population: 13,661
Violent Crimes per 1000: 3.44
Property Crimes per 1000: 6.37
Crime Index: 78
Safer than 78% of US cities

4. Waukee, IA

Situated on the far western edge of the Greater Des Moines metropolitan area, Waukee, IA, enjoys an excellent vantage point of both the city and US Rt 80. Waulkee has made every reasonable effort to attract great investors and successful people – and it’s paid off. Featuring the Kettlestone Mixed-Use town square, this safe, clean center is sure to provide a lot of great retail experiences. Waulkee has been building new homes and attracting new people at an astonishing rate. People wanting to raise their children in a low crime, suburban environment close to the city has made Waulkee become the fastest growing school district in the state. Community involvement is a top priority in the town. The rock bottom crime rate is made possible by the keen and careful practices set forth by Waulkee’s police department — who always make use of special programs and training to keep Waulkee safe.

Population: 14,540
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.62
Property Crimes per 1000: 9.97
Crime Index: 75
Safer than 75% of US cities

5. Decorah, IA

Decorah, IA is nestled in the Upper Iowa River nearing the border shared by Minnesota and Wisconsin. Located in the northeastern part of the state, this city is the largest community in Winneshiek County. Luther College’s campus is located downtown on the scenic banks of the Upper Iowa and serves as one of the major employers of the folks who live here. In addition to the college, Decorah is also home to an heirloom plant preservation organization known as the Seed Savers Exchange. Cataloguing and preserving different specimens of crops provides an invaluable service to both the state and the country. Culturally, this city has stayed close to its roots from Norwegian settlers. These proud and humble traditions of working hard and playing hard have given rise to the annually held Nordic Fest. No doubt their very low crime rate is due to the rich history of such a tight knit community and diligent training of their local police.

Population: 8,149
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.74
Property Crimes per 1000: 10.06
Crime Index: 74
Safer than 74% of US cities

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