14 Safest Cities in Mississippi: Safest Places to Live in MS

August 27, 2014

6. Brookhaven, MS

Brookhaven, MS is a small, historic city in the southwest of the state. It is also the county seat for Lincoln County. With an array of parks and annual events, it is a great place to call home and has been billed as an excellent location in which to retire. The Lincoln County police force is headquartered in Brookhaven and does an admirable job of ensuring the safety of the residents of the city. The proof is found in the impressively low crime rate.

Population: 12,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 1.12
Property Crimes per 1000: 18.09
Crime Index: 46
Safer than 46% of US cities

7. Kosciusko, MS

Kosciusko, MS is another of the smallest safe cities in Mississippi. Known as the birthplace of celebrity Oprah Winfrey, it is an attractive location in which to live. Located northeast of Jackson, it is centrally located in the state and is convenient to a variety of bigger centers. The dedication of the city’s police force shows through in the low crime rates enjoyed by the residents of the small city.

Population: 7,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 2.44
Property Crimes per 1000: 18.56
Crime Index: 42
Safer than 42% of US cities

8. Hernando, MS

Hernando, MS: Safest Cities in MississippiHernando, MS, in northwestern Mississippi is considered a part of the Memphis metropolitan area, a 10-county area spanning three states – Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. The second largest city in population in the area, it is also the county seat in DeSoto County. Despite its proximity to Memphis, Hernando is a very safe city in which to live and do business. With the motto “Mississippi’s Front Porch”, the small city does a great job of ensuring a small town feel of safety and security. Named one of the best places to live by Money Magazine, the town has a strong police force that take pride in keeping the city’s crime rate amazingly low.

Population: 14,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 1.7
Property Crimes per 1000: 20.09
Crime Index: 40
Safer than 40% of US cities

9. Long Beach, MS

Long Beach, MS, located on the Gulf of Mexico on the very south of the state is an attractive location to live for so many reasons, not the least of which is its seaside location and its low crime rate. It is easily the safest place to live in the south portion of the state. Situated in the Gulfport-Biloxi area, the city was heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Despite this, it makes Movoto’s list of the 10 best places to live in Mississippi, for its low crime rate, affluence, quality of life and schooling advantages. It was also named a can’t-miss beach, best town for young families and more. Thanks goes to a hard-working police force in this small coastal city for ensuring that citizens and visitors there are safe from crime.

Population: 15,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.33
Property Crimes per 1000: 21.46
Crime Index: 40
Safer than 40% of US cities

10. Oxford, MS

Oxford, MS: Safest Cities in MississippiOxford, MS has been listed as a best place to live in Mississippi, one of the best college towns in the country and a top small town. A university town, Oxford is located in the north
part of the state and is the county seat for Lafayette County. It offers much for anyone looking for a great place to relocate: excellent schools, a low crime rate and the lowest unemployment rate in the state. Offering arts and culture, parks and outdoor amenities, as well as historic attractions, Oxford is a rich location to call home. The police department in town takes safety seriously and has a strategic plan in place to improve its already low crime rates.

Population: 19,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.37
Property Crimes per 1000: 25.16
Crime Index: 32
Safer than 32% of US cities

11. Pearl, MS

Pearl, MS has been featured as one of the 10 best places to live in the state according to Movoto.com. It joins the ranks of several other Jackson suburbs that make our list of safe cities in Mississippi. With a variety of parks and outdoor amenities, Pearl is a haven for the outdoorsman. The Pearl police department does an amazing job of involving residents in its efforts to maintain a safe city for residents, even taking to social media to look for citizen help. Pearl’s low crime rates make it another great choice for those looking to live in a suburb of Jackson.

Population: 25,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 1.29
Property Crimes per 1000: 24.64
Crime Index: 31
Safer than 31% of US cities

12. Clinton, MS

Clinton, MS: Safest Cities in MississippiClinton, MS is listed as one of the best cities in which to live in the state, in part for its very low crime rates. Located on the outskirts of Jackson, it is another safe suburb in the western portion of the state. With a rich history, it started out as a well-known destination for its springs. Today it is known for much more, including business, educational opportunities, a low crime rate and its convenient location. Much of its safeness can be attributed to the dedication of the city’s police force, which even offers services such as a house watch for those who are out of town. Such proactive strategies have been instrumental in keeping crime down.

Population: 25,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 1.17
Property Crimes per 1000: 25.42
Crime Index: 30
Safer than 30% of US cities

13. Booneville, MS

Booneville, MS is amongst the smallest of the safest cities in the state. Located in the northeast tip of the state, Booneville is also the county seat. A certified retirement city, Booneville offers much more than cities of a comparable size. It has earned its title “City of Hospitality” because of its charm and the welcoming nature of its citizens. With some of the lowest crime rates in the state, Booneville can thank its own police force for keeping residents safe and secure.

Population: 9,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 2.4
Property Crimes per 1000: 24.13
Crime Index: 30
Safer than 30% of US cities

14. Horn Lake, MS

Horn Lake, MS: Safest Cities in MississippiHorn Lake, MS is a lovely town on the northwest corner of the state and is actually considered a suburb of Memphis, TN. The fast growing town attracts new residents and shoppers looking for cheaper prices, better tax advantages, more competitive business costs and easy access to the city. The emergency management department of the city and the dedicated police force work in conjunction with each other and with residents in order to ensure the safety of those who live there. Low crime rates give Horn Lake yet another exciting advantage for those looking to relocate.

Population: 26,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.9
Property Crimes per 1000: 25.81
Crime Index: 30
Safer than 30% of US cities

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14 Safest Cities in Mississippi: Safest Places to Live in MS

Notes: To improve the accuracy and usefulness of our list, we chose to exclude small communities with populations below 5,000 in our rankings.
Our rankings are determined by national crime statistics published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Our rankings are only as accurate as the local population and crime statistics officially released by the FBI.

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