20 Safest Cities in Florida: Safest Places to Live in FL

August 12, 2014

20 Safest Cities in Florida: Safest Places to Live in FL
What are the safest cities in Florida? Safe Choice Security consulted the 2012 FBI Crime Statistics report to get the lowdown on the 20 safest cities to live in Florida. After comparing FBI statistics on crime rates in cities around Florida, Safe Choice Security compiled a list of the top 20 safest cities and towns in Florida.

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1. Parkland, FL:  Safest City to Live in Florida

Parkland, FL: Safest City in Florida With a population of under 25,000, Parkland is located in busy Broward County, but city planners have carefully put together a locale that defies the traffic of south Florida. Situated near the Everglades and a short drive to the beach, it brings you all the advantages of the Florida lifestyle. Affluent and upscale, Parkland offers much to those who can afford to live there. With the best public school system in the country, Parkland is one of the best choices for families and our pick as the safest city in Florida.

Population: 25,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.85
Property Crimes per 1000: 9.5

2. Weston, FL

Weston, FL: Safest Cities in FloridaWeston, FL is another Broward County city with a population approaching 67,000 is another surprise result in our list of safest cities. Bordering the Everglades, it is the most westerly city in the county. A little further from the ocean than many of the other cities in this listing, it is still an easy drive to the beautiful beaches of southeast Florida. Weston is home to big earners and tops the list of the best places to live in the state of Florida.

Population: 67,000
Violent Crimes per 1000:  0.9
Property Crimes per 1000: 9.8

3. Winter Springs, FL

winter-springs-fl-safest-cities-in-floridaWinter Springs, FL is a Seminole county city of 33,000 is even more inland than many of the other cities in our list. Falling in the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford Metropolitan area, it borders the center of excitement and activity in Florida. It is easily the safest city in central Florida. The city goes above and beyond to care for its citizens with an emergency email notification system for all types of hazards.

Population: 33,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 1.38
Property Crimes per 1000: 10.25

4. Marco Island, FL

Marco Island, FL: Safest Cities in FloridaMarco Island, FL is home to 17,000 southwest Florida residents. The main city on the island of the same name, Marco Island is unique amongst Florida cities. Its geography featuring high elevations is atypical of the Sunshine State. It is also the biggest barrier island in the southwest. Despite the S.S. Jolle Bridge connecting Marco Island to the mainland of Florida, it still remains one of the safest cities in Florida.

Population: 17,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.71
Property Crimes per 1000: 12.72

5. Groveland, FL

With only 9000 inhabitants, Groveland, FL is one of the smaller cities on our list. Another Orlando-Kissimmee- Sanford metropolitan area city, it is located in the center of the state in Lake County. Despite being farther from the coast, it is the quickest growing locality in the state. Its point of pride is the fact that families can feel confident in letting their children play and be children because it offers the safety that only a small town can.

Population: 9000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 1.23
Property Crimes per 1000: 14.83

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