Recent Food Recalls for the Week Beginning September 14th

September 14, 2015

cucumber recall

This past week’s recalls were largely expanded recalls of existing issues we have already heard about, although there were some new ones including items like sliced apples and cookies that are often targeted to children.

Class I Recall

Schrader Farms Meat Market Ground Beef and Ground Beef, bulk has been recalled by Schrader Farms Meat Market because of potential contamination with non-o157 Shiga toxin-producing E.coli. Only 20 pounds of the ground been product were recalled. It was sold in 1 pound packages with a pack date of September 2, 2015 and were only sold in the Schrader Farms retail store in Seneca County, New York.  More details are available here.

Kraft Singles were recalled more than a month ago, and the parent company Kraft Heinz has expanded the voluntary recall. The problem was that a small strip of the individual packaging could remain stuck to the cheese after opening, potentially causing a choking hazard. In addition to the original 35,000 cases of the product, another 335,000 cases have been recalled. For more information:

Deli sandwiches containing cucumbers have been recalled by nine Safeway and Carrs stores located in Alaska. These sandwiches, sold from the full-service counter between August 4th and September 4th, contain cucumbers that may have been contaminated with Salmonella Poona. This recall is in conjunction with the Andrew and Williamson Fresh Produce recall announced last week. More details available here:

Fresh Sliced Apples from Appeeling Fruit were recalled because of the possibility of Listeria monocytogenes contamination. Best-if-use-by dates on the affected packages were 9/14/15 and 9/21/15. The products were sent to wholesalers; retail distribution centers; and foodservice customers in Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, and Florida. More details are available here:

Fried pork rinds have been recalled by The Pork Rind Factory due to undeclared allergens and misbranding. Milk and soy, known allergens, were not listed on packaging despite being ingredients in the products. The recall affects 18,406 pounds of pork rinds in clear plastic bag packages. Suncrest Farms, Food Lion and Larry’s Old Fashioned Seasoned Pork brands are affected. Products were distributed in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. More details are found here.

Cucumbers were recalled by Custom Produce sales due to the possibility of Salmonella contamination. These products were sold under the Fat Boy® label in Nevada. This recall is also in conjunction with the ongoing cucumber recall. Details can be found in the press release:


Allergy Labeling Recall

Frozen cookie dough has been recalled by Okarche Bakery because of undeclared milk, soy, wheat and Yellow #5. This product was distributed as a part of fundraisers and only in the Oklahoma City area. Products were in white plastic 3 pound tubs, labeled as “Okarche’s Old Fashioned Gourmet Cookie Dough.” All the details of the recall can be found here:

Elevated Lead Recall

ABC Shaped Cookies Banh Chu were recalled by Ahning Corporation because of an lead level found in them. These cookies made in Vietnam are packaged in a plastic jar that is painted and shaped like a cat’s face. The affected products were quarantined by the FDA and the 4 California retailers selling them were advised to stop. Consumers should not eat these cookies. For more information:

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