Recent Food Recalls for the Week Beginning August 31st

August 31, 2015

food recalls August 31

Where last week only saw two food recalls, and both were rather obscure, this past week has certainly made up for it. We have seen class I, II and III recalls, as well as allergy labeling recalls. In addition to some obscure items, some products from major food manufacturers are included.

Class I Recall

Cascadian Farms Cut Green Beans have been recalled by General Mills for the possibility of Listeria monocytogenes contamination. 10-ounce bags of the frozen product are affected with the “Better if Used By” dates of April 10 and 11, 2016. See the recall notice for more information:

Kung Pao-Style Chicken Wraps were recalled by Real Foods due to an undeclared allergen and misbranding. Ingredients listed did not include the allergen soy or sulfites. The affected products were in 9.5 ounce plastic tray packaging with a 8/29/2015 sell-by date. More information can be found here.

Jansal Valley Raw Macadamia Nuts have been recalled by Sid Wainer and Son due to potential Salmonella contamination. Eight ounce and one pound packages area affected. These products were distributed nationwide and were available through mail order. For more information:

Whole Hogs for Barbeque and various pork products have been recalled by Kapowsin Meats. Just a couple of weeks ago the company made an initial recall of over 100,000 pounds of pork. Last week it expanded the recall to 523,380 pounds of pork product from the Graham, WA establishment due to possible Salmonella contamination. Affected items were produced from April 18, 2015 to August 26, 2015. You can find out all the details here.

Class II Recall

Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon has been recalled by Kraft Heinz Foods Company because of possible adulteration leading to spoilage before the best by date. 2,068,467 pounds of turkey bacon is affected by this recall and products are the 36, 48 and 56 ounce boxes, which each have three or four plastic wrapped packages inside.  All were produced from May 31, 2015 to August 6, 2015. For more information, visit this site.

Chinese Brand Spicy Duck Heads and Necks have been recalled by California Qi Li’s Braised Chicken for misbranding and undeclared allergens. Soy sauce, one of the ingredients, was not listed on the label and contains wheat and soy, both allergens. Affected products are 10” x 8” vacuum sealed packaged produced from Feb 11, 2015 to Aug 13, 2015 and were distributed to retailers in California. For more information, check out the press release.


Class III Recall

Marinated Boneless Beef Tender Tip has been recalled by Swanson Meats because of misbranding. Soybean oil, MSG and the meat tenderizer papain were not disclosed on the packaging. 20,063 pounds of the product, sold in 20 pound cases, are affected. These items were distributed to restaurants in Minneapolis and St. Paul. For more information, check out the report.

Allergy Labeling Recalls

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate covered Honey Grahams with Sea Salt were recalled by maker Jo’s Candies of Torrance, California because there is a possibility it contains milk, even though it is undeclared on the label. Trader Joe’s nationwide are affected by the recall of packages of the 8 ounce tubs. Best by dates on affected products were from March to May 2016. For more information, check out the press release:

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Granola Bars have been recalled by Sam Mills USA LLC due to potential cross contamination with dairy, even though the product is deemed dairy free. 11,083 cases of the 4.4 ounce boxes of the bars are affected with expiry dates from October 2015 to June 2016. For more information:

Sugar Bun, an 8 ounce individually packaged product, has been recalled by Tasty Delicious Bakery Inc because of potentially containing undeclared eggs. Additional information can be found here:

Learn more about this week’s recalls next Monday!