Recent Food Recalls for the Week Beginning August 10th

August 10, 2015

hard cider recallRecalls that were announced in the past week were significantly fewer than in recent weeks. Only one allergy labeling recall and one Class II recall were reported. In addition to two serious Class I recalls, there was also a serious recall of the unusual sort in the past 7 days – one involving tattoo ink.

Allergy Labeling Recalls

Harvest Slaw Kit and Broccoli Salad Kit were recalled last week by Real Foods of Seattle, LLC because of undeclared peanut ingredients. Sunflower seeds that are a part of the kits may have been mixed with peanut pieces.

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Class I Recalls

Macadamia nuts and macadamia nut products were recalled by Mahina Mele Farms due to Salmonella contamination. Products recalled included salted, unsalted and bulk nuts, as well as macadamia nut butter and macadamia chocolate nut spread.

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Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Hard Cider has been recalled by its parent company Angry Orchard Cider Company due to broken bottles or bottles that overflowed upon opening. .  Affected products include cases of 24-12 oz bottles, 12-packs and 6-packs.

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Class II Recall

Primal Pastures Chicken Products by Victor’s Market Company were recalled last week due to a misbranding. 50 pound packages of whole chickens and chicken parts are included in the recall – involving approximately 7,368 pounds of chicken.  Recalls of this type are low health risk.

Details can be found here.

Unusual Recall of the Week

Grey Wash Tattoo Inks and Tattoo Kits were recalled last week by Thousand Virgins Corp.  A microbiological contamination could cause possible bacterial infection, leading to life-threatening sepsis. Inks affected were Lot No. 129, with an expiration date of 1/16.

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