25 Cities in Michigan with the Most Improved Crime Rate

November 11, 2014

6. Milford, MI

In the south east of the state of Michigan right near the Pettibone Creek and on the Huron River is the village of Milford. It’s a small town with a prideful community, boasting six parks within the city limits as well as Hubbell Pond, so it’s easy to see why they take the safety of their village seriously. The Milford Police keeps a list of open investigations on their department website so residents know what’s going on. Typically cities that have a more informed general public see their crime rates fall, since they’re more aware and that’s exactly the case with Milford.

2007 Crime Rate: 25.53
2012 Crime Rate: 10.03
57.37% Decrease In Crime

7. Midland, MI

Coincidentally located in the middle of the state just east of Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay is Midland, Michigan. With the intersection of the Chippewa and Tittabawassee River right through downtown, Midland is a community that is proud of its natural beauty and city landscapes. It’s also a city that strives to be a safe community to enjoy all of its natural amenities, watching their crime rate drop over 50 percent over the past five years. The police department uses a combination of neighborhood watches, the DARE program, a “Dump the Drugs” program and a crime free housing program, they’ve taken the initiative to keep the community safe.

2007 Crime Rate: 26.79
2012 Crime Rate: 11.76
56.12% Decrease In Crime

8. Spring Arbor Township, MI

Rich in Native American heritage and culture, Spring Arbor prides itself in education and natural amenities. Just north of Lime Lake, it’s the home of historic Falling Waters Park and multiple universities in the general area, including Spring Arbor University. Like some other police departments in the state, the Spring Arbor PD has a vacation home check program, where officers will perform a check on your home upon request if you’ll be out of town for multiple days. It’s likely one of the big reasons property crimes has such a drastic decline.

2007 Crime Rate: 9.89
2012 Crime Rate: 4.48
54.64% Decrease In Crime

9. Columbia Township, MI

With abundance of lakes and nearby attractions like the Michigan International Speedway, the Columbia Township located just to the south west of Ann Arbor is a collection of villages that’s becoming a summer hotspot. One of those reasons outside of the lakes in the area is because travelers feel safe in the Columbia Township. With a low crime rate as is, the police department has used initiatives like the vacation home check program, which has seen property crime fall in the past five years.

2007 Crime Rate: 27.80
2012 Crime Rate: 12.97
53.34% Decrease In Crime

10. Swartz Creek, MI

Just outside Flint, MI is Swartz Creek, which comes in at No. 10 in our list of most improved cities in the state of Michigan. In just five short years the Swartz Police Department has used a variety of community programs to help make their community safer. One of those programs is CAMP 911, which is a safety oriented program for children in grades 3-5. It’s a program that’s put on by local law and safety enforcement and teaches children safety, how and when to call emergency services. It lets children experience emergency situations and demonstrations. Often times simple education of the community can do wonders for a town’s crime rate and with programs like CAMP 911, its paid dividends in Swartz Creek.

2007 Crime Rate: 40.97
2012 Crime Rate: 19.43
52.57% Decrease In Crime

11. Thomas Township, MI

Just west of Saginaw is the Thomas Township, which consists of the Dice, Frost and Shields communities. It’s a community that prides in family values and has plenty of natural amenities, with 20 golf courses within a 20 minute drive. It’s bordered by the Tittabawassee River and located near plenty of the major state universities. Like many other departments in the area, the local police department also offers a vacation home watch program, tip lines and frequently updates their communities on on-going investigations.

2007 Crime Rate: 39.38
2012 Crime Rate: 19.28
51.04% Decrease In Crime

12. Petoskey, MI

Tucked away in the northern part of Michigan, Petoskey sits on the coast of Lake Michigan’s Little Travese Bay and is a resort community. It’s famous for being the setting for several Ernest Hemingway stories, who used to spend his childhood summers nearby. Police services are maintained by the unified Department of Public safety, which combines police, fire and emergency medical services. The DOP has done an amazing job scaling back property and violent crime over the past five years according to FBI data.

2007 Crime Rate: 31.17
2012 Crime Rate: 15.26
51.03% Decrease In Crime

13. Berriren Springs, MI

Just south east of Lake Michigan and on the banks of the St. Joseph River and Lake Chapin you’ll find the Village of Berriren Springs. The village has some excellent natural surroundings and some local wineries; it’s a nice tucked away town that takes safety seriously. Barrien Springs has seen a sharp decline in both violent and property crime over the past five years according to data provided by the FBI.

2007 Crime Rate: 30.09
2012 Crime Rate: 14.99
50.19% Decrease In Crime

14. Richmond, MI

Just west of the United States-Canadian border is the town of Richmond, MI.  and is in the part of the state that is considered to be the “thumb”, because it’s shaped like a hand. With plenty of public parks and trails in the area and proximity to Canada, it’s a nice stop for a quick vacation. The local police department utilizes neighborhood and vacation house watch programs, as well as all forms of vehicles from mountain bikes to ATVs to keep the region patrolled. Richmond’s crime rate wasn’t high as is, but thanks to the efforts of the community and the police department they’ve seen property and violent crime rates drop a good margin.

2007 Crime Rate: 30.09
2012 Crime Rate: 14.99
48.99% Decrease In Crime

15. Huntington Woods, MI

Right off Highway 1 and Interstate 696 is Huntingon Woods, MI, just North West of Detroit. It was once voted one of the Top 10 suburbs in America and is one of the safer suburbs in the region with an already low violent crime and property crime rate. Residents can enjoy the parks and golf courses, as well as the close by Detroit Zoo without much worry. With a unified Public Safety Department, combining both police and fire services, they’ve been able to quickly respond to and maintain issues.

2007 Crime Rate: 14.49
2012 Crime Rate: 7.64
47.29% Decrease In Crime

16. Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

Right on the shores of Lake St. Clair and just north of Detroit on the east side of Michigan sits Grosse Pointe Farms. Originally part of another village in the 1900’s, Grosse Point Farms broke off on their own over a dispute over a tavern! Issues such of that are a thing of the past in Grosse Point Farms, just like their property crime rates. The public safety department, which combines both police and fire services, has utilized innovative programs such as Nixle, which will send residents important mobile text alerts.

2007 Crime Rate: 23.08
2012 Crime Rate: 12.67
45.08% Decrease In Crime

17. Woodhaven, MI

Located in the south east portion of Michigan, just north west of Lake Erie and the Detroit River sits Woodhaven, MI. The town has put forth a big effort on communicating with their residents to keep them better informed, in the hopes that a better informed community will bring crime rates down and it’s worked! The town uses the internet in an effective manner to keep communication lines open and their “Coffee With a Cop” program, which allows citizens to sit down with officers at a local establishment, ask questions and discuss issues, has been a big success.

2007 Crime Rate: 35.07
2012 Crime Rate: 19.68
43.88% Decrease In Crime

18. Brighton, MI

On the mid-east side of the state of Michigan, west of Detroit, sits Brighton. Brighton is a small town surrounded by state parks and nestled between handfuls of small lakes in the area. The Brighton PD is a full service department that has used many different initiatives to help bring the crime rate down the past five years, according to our FBI data. The police use a combination of Nixle, which is a text alert program to keep the community informed, and the “Big Red Barrel” project. The Big Red Barrel project gives the community red receptacles across town to properly dispose of prescription drugs.

2007 Crime Rate: 37.95
2012 Crime Rate: 21.52
43.28% Decrease In Crime

19. Spring Lake-Ferrysburg, MI

Spring Lake-Ferrysburg sits on the shores of the Grand River and Spring Lake on the western coast of Michigan. It’s a small, friendly community that is just minutes from other big cities in the region with multiple access points to the water for boating, kayaking and the like. It’s a destination for area boaters and it’s somewhere the police department has done a great job keeping safe. The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office, which serves Spring Lake-Ferrysburg, has utilized their Citizen Police Academy to better educate the public on the workings of the Sheriff’s Office and how to keep their community safe. This has seen property crime take a dip over the past five years, so it appears to be paying off big time!

2007 Crime Rate: 30.30
2012 Crime Rate: 17.46
42.37% Decrease In Crime

20. Lincoln Township, MI

Off the coast of Lake Michigan, nearly across the shores from Chicago, is the Lincoln Township. The town has seen a stark decline in both violent and property crime the past view years, thanks in part to their neighborhood watch program. The town attracts thousands of tourists each year, thanks to their natural assets, such as the heavy forests and lakes in the area. It’s important to the community to provide a safe environment and keep their town inviting to guests.

2007 Crime Rate: 22.42
2012 Crime Rate: 12.98
42.10% Decrease In Crime

21. St. Clair, MI

Located right on the banks of St. Clair River, St. Clair is a popular destination for both North American and Canadian boaters. St. Clair also offers an entertaining harbor and some nature trails for the community’s enjoyment. The local police department has put forth an effort to keep everything intact and safe for both tourists and the local community, which has seen property crime in the area drop off over 50 percent over a five year period and still trending down.

2007 Crime Rate: 19.87
2012 Crime Rate: 11.58
41.74% Decrease In Crime

22. Springfield, MI

Right to the west of Battle Creek is the small town of Springfield in the lower middle of the state. Technically part of Battle Creek’s metro area, Springfield has done a great job preventing and curbing crime over the past five years. With the Blinder Park Zoo, the Leila Arboretum and the Springfield Farmers Market, it’s a bustling area even for those outside of the city, so keeping a safe environment has been keep to helping the town grow. With a public safety department, which combines police, fire and rescue services, Springfield utilizes tools like Nixle to provide text alerts and keep the community informed of happenings in the area.

2007 Crime Rate: 49.69
2012 Crime Rate: 28.06
41.16% Decrease In Crime

23. Napoleon Township, MI

Surrounded by multiple lakes in the region, including Center Lake, Wolf Lake and Stony Lake, the Napoleon Township provides residents and travelers alike plenty of natural activities in the area. It’s important to keep crime rates down because of that, keeping the town inviting, and the local police department has done a great job of doing just that. The town has seen both violent and property crime dip, property crime a significant amount, in the past five years.

2007 Crime Rate: 47.69
2012 Crime Rate: 28.06
41.16% Decrease In Crime

24. Belding, MI

Just outside Grand Rapids, MI to the north east sits the small town of Belding. The Flat River runs right through downtown, making it a bit of a mini-peninsula. Belding is recognized as a Tree City USA community and offers multiple parks for the community to enjoy, as well as a Dial-a-Ride program to help people get around town. Belding has seen a big dip in property crime recently, thanks in part to their vacation home watch program, which allows citizens to request an officer periodically check on their home if they’re going to be out of town for a long period of time.

2007 Crime Rate: 44.11
2012 Crime Rate: 26.35
40.25% Decrease In Crime

25. Tittabawassee Township, MI

Right off the banks of the river that shares a namesake is the Tittabawassee Township. The small, tight nit town offers plenty of parks for residents and visitors to enjoy. The local police department, while small, has done an amazing job not only keeping the crime rate one of the lowest in the state, but they’ve also been able to keep it trending downward recently. With the vacation home watch program, they’ve seen property crime take a big dip in the last five years. Residents and visitors can feel safe using the many natural amenities in the surrounding area thanks to the hard work of the department.

2007 Crime Rate: 14.04
2012 Crime Rate: 8.88
36.76% Decrease In Crime

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25 Most Improved Cities in Michigan

Disclaimer: To improve the accuracy and usefulness of our list, we chose to exclude small communities with populations below 5,000 in our rankings.
Our rankings are determined by national crime statistics published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Our rankings are only as accurate as the local population and crime statistics officially released by the FBI.

25 Most Improved Cities in Michigan

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