25 Cities in Florida with the Most Improved Crime Rate

October 21, 2014



Disney World, beaches, sailing in the Gulf of Mexico or windsurfing on the Atlantic – Florida certainly has it all in terms of affordable living, extravagant lifestyles and entertainment.  This state has become the home of professionals and retirees alike.  Highly sought as a destination for higher education as well as for vacations, many of the cities there have seen drastic increases in crime over the years.  While each city has unique circumstances, it’s important to note that in the cases below you can see how each found a solution to their crime woes by improving law enforcement’s ability to react and respond to criminal behavior.

Using data from 2007-2012 FBI Crime Reporting Statistics, we’ve uncovered twenty five cities in Florida which have successfully beat the heat when and decreased crime significantly.

These cities have exhibited exemplary innovations in police programs, techniques, and services.  In tabulating these cities, we uncovered not only what they did to improve the quality of life for their residents, but also weighed their police force against the national average ratio of officers to residents.  This should give you some good insight into how a city can respond to increased crime with improved police services and added patrols.

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1. Wildwood, FL

On the highway to Orlando coming from Ocala is the central Florida city of Wildwood.  The local police department has helped increase its effectiveness through special programs, such as Seniors Versus Crime which empowers seniors to tip police off to possible criminal activities in the area.  In addition, the Wildwood PD has taken a very serious stance against bullying – ensuring citizens know to report acts of intimidation and coercion, so Wildwood’s finest can investigate.  The majority of crimes committed in Wildwood have been non-violent offenses predominantly related to drugs and larceny.  These statistics definitively show the effectiveness of the Wildwood Police Department’s increased reliance on special programs to report and catch offenders.

2007 Crime Rate: 86.27
2012 Crime Rate: 21.01
75.64% Decrease In Crime

2. Doral, FL

A suburb west of Miami, Doral has seen its share of difficult times. But, as the latest FBI crime statistics released for 2012 show, Doral has demonstrated great effort to improve the lives of its citizens. With a renewed focus on officer training, the Doral Police Department has put special emphasis on its training unit – including a new Field Training Officer (FTO) Program. All newly hired police officers and civilian public service aides must complete this full-field training program which emphasizes intense training in basic officer techniques, advanced tactical and officer safety skills, criminal law and procedural training.

2007 Crime Rate: 144.27
2012 Crime Rate: 51.60
64.24% Decrease In Crime

3. Clermont, FL

Thirty miles due west of Orlando in the deep bayou of central Florida is the city of Clermont. Having recovered from several high crime years, the Clermont Police Department has instituted a number of new programs designed to identify and prevent criminal behavior before it becomes a problem. Additionally, the police department has instituted a number of programs designed to help keep citizens safe and informed – like its Alzheimer’s and Dementia Registry. The Clermont Police Department also assists neighborhoods in setting up Neighborhood Watch programs that patrols also participate in. With a ratio below the national average of police officers per capita, Clermont has relied on programs such as these to gain the assistance of the community in preventing and stopping crime.

2007 Crime Rate: 68.95
2012 Crime Rate: 27.64
59.92% Decrease In Crime

4. Belle Glade, FL

Not too far southwest of the city of Pahokee is the municipality of Belle Glade. Incorporated into the same programs as Pahokee, this city has also made marked improvements in crime prevention with greater cooperation from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department. Operating out of District 13, their officers coordinate and work with deputies throughout the county to ensure citizens are able to securely report on any criminal behavior they observe. Many of the programs implemented in District 13 are designed for crime prevention – including a Police Athletic League which is fantastic venue for youth to have fun and discuss crime prevention.

2007 Crime Rate: 122.97
2012 Crime Rate: 59.30
51.78% Decrease In Crime

5. Pahokee, FL

Situated on the southeastern shore of massive Lake Okeechobee, the city of Pahokee has seen a marked improvement in the response to crime. Not having a police department of its own to call upon, Pahokee has made great use of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s department to assist with all their law enforcement needs. Because the area of Palm Beach incorporates a number of other cities, the Sheriff’s department has implemented a number of special programs to assist its citizens in a timely manner. These programs include a Partnership with businesses and a Juvenile First Offender program.

2007 Crime Rate: 65.66
2012 Crime Rate: 32.30
50.81% Decrease In Crime

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