How Your Cell Phone Can Make Your Home Vulnerable to Burglary

April 5, 2013

Your cell phone is likely one of your most valuable possessions. It is no longer a mere phone, but a device for storing valuable information, connecting with friends, paying bills, accessing your bank account information, shopping, searching for information and even controlling your home security system. However, too many people do not pay attention to security when it comes to their phone. You no longer have to just worry about someone stealing the phone itself, because the real risk is the fact that they are getting access to a variety of valuable information.

An Unsecured Smartphone is an Invitation for Trouble

When you have an unsecured smartphone, a tech-savvy criminal can use it to not only deplete your bank account but also to enter your house by disarming your home security and unlocking electronic locks. The convenience of interactive home security can also lead to a huge security gap, if your phone is stolen and is unprotected.

Wi-Fi Use Can Lead To Information Theft

When you use your cell phone in a public place, you often access the Wi-Fi available there. Doing so makes all your sensitive transmissions easily accessible by others. Your banking information, passwords and more are all fair game on unsecured Wi-Fi. You can become a victim of information theft while using the Internet without even being aware of the fact that you have been victimized. If you have accessed your home security system on unsecured Wi-Fi, that information can be hijacked and used to enter your home undetected.

Secure Your Phone and Your Home Access

Every smartphone should have security options set to help protect you from a variety of risks. Look for apps that can protect you from viruses, dangerous websites and other unsecure apps. You should also install one that helps you locate a missing phone and sends out an audible alarm when activated. Automatic backup can greatly help when you suffer the loss of a phone. The option to remotely lock or wipe your phone will also help to keep your sensitive data safe. Finally, enabling password protection on your cellphone will go a long way to keeping your information safe. No cell phone should be without a secure password.

The investment of a few minutes to increase security on your phone will help to increase the security of your home. By preventing criminals from accessing your home security system from your smartphone you are ensuring that your home is always protected.