How You Make Yourself a Target for Burglars

April 29, 2013

We do a myriad of things in our everyday lives that make us an increased target for burglars. Many of these things we do without even thinking. However, by making small shifts in your habits, you will effectively reduce your risk of becoming the victim of theft.

Not Locking Doors

Leaving doors into our homes unlocked is one of the things many people do that puts them at risk. While you may feel that your hometown is relatively safe, burglary happens everywhere. Often burglars are simply looking for an easy opportunity. Coming across an unlocked door is that opportunity. You can heighten the protection of your home by locking all exterior doors at all times, unless you are at home and actively using a door.

Advertising Your Goodies

Burglars don’t want to bother with homes that are not going to deliver worthwhile goods and cash. For that reason, they often case a home before breaking in. Leaving your valuables in plain sight or having electronics and computers visible through ground floor windows is a big mistake.

Putting empty boxes from pricey purchases by the street is also a way that you inform burglars of what you have to offer them. When you make a new purchase, take the time to break down boxes and place them for recycling in a way that does not display what you have just bought.

Taking pictures of your home and belongings and putting them on Facebook or another social media site also tells anyone and everyone about what you have that is worth stealing. If you do post pictures on social media, adjust privacy settings so that only friends can see them. Remember that your trusted friends may be careless about leaving their social media accounts open for anyone to explore, so choose pictures wisely.

Leaving the garage door open also tells potential burglars what you have that is ripe for the picking. Garages contain pricey tools, scrap metals that resell well, sporting goods and more. An open door is an invitation to look and when no one is around, that invitation may turn into theft, even in daylight hours. Never leave your garage door open for extended periods of time or without someone being there.

Not Using the Security You Have in Place

Burglars know that too often those who have home security systems do not actually arm them. While having a system and displaying the signage is a deterrent to burglars, the one who has done his homework will easily discover which homes actually arm their systems and which do not. If the contents of a home are worthwhile, professional burglars will break into homes with security systems, especially those where the systems are often unused.

Think about your home and your habits as if you were a burglar. What are you doing to make yourself a target? Take the time now to change those habits and have a safer, more burglar proof home.