How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors?

January 15, 2014

Know Your NeighborsToday many people keep to themselves. They live in communities without interacting with their neighbors, other than a quick hello in passing. The days of neighborhood barbeques and block parties are gone. As we increasingly rely on technology for entertainment and interaction, we tend to cut off those who are physically closest to us. However, having a good relationship with your neighbors has a multitude of its own benefits. So how well do you know yours?

You Know Them Really Well

You know them well enough to stop by and have a drink.

You invite them to parties at your house.

You choose to spend time together away from home.

You feel comfortable with them having a key to your home.

You Could Connect A Little More

You know their names and you chat regularly but you’ve never been in each other’s homes.

Your kids play together and you have 5 different ways to reach them.

You would ask them to check the mail for you if you were out of town.

You Are Surrounded By Strangers

You need to reintroduce yourself every time you see them.

You have their phone number in case of emergency but you don’t know their last name.

You would warn them not to call the police if you had family members staying at your house while you were out of town.

Why Is It Important?

Knowing your neighbors is crucially important to helping maintain your safety in the neighborhood you call home. If you have nosy neighbors who will likely call the police if they see someone they don’t recognize going into your house, you are much safer than if your neighbors don’t know what you look like.

Create a bond with those who live close to you so that you look out for one another and can be counted on to help if needed.  You should feel comfortable enough with at least some of your neighbors to give them a key to your home and ask them to park in your driveway when you are away to help maintain the illusion that things are as normal.

Good neighbors notice if strangers are lurking and may be casing a house or multiple houses in the neighborhood. Be sure to forge those relationships for the safe surroundings you dream of.