How to Defend Your Home When You Can’t be Near It

April 24, 2013

If you ask anyone who travels often about how secure they are leaving their home for a prolonged period of time, you may receive a reply in the form of either a blank face, as they’ve never considered how vulnerable their home might be, or a litany of precautions and countermeasures to home invasion. Advice from the latter can help the former, as well as those home owning travelers who would like to further improve their home defense while enjoying a vacation.

There are a variety of methods you can utilize to defend your home. These methods include the following.


One simple method of security is to maintain a physical presence within your home. Depending on the length of your time away, it might be feasible to ask a trusted friend or family member to tend to your house or apartment, watching your mailbox and otherwise making it known to any would-be burglar that someone is around.

Security/Timer Lights

Another method of deterring burglars is to install electronic timers to your lighting system. One can simply program the timer to turn lights off or on during the hours you suspect a burglar would be most active. If the lights are on, a burglar will likely to assume someone’s inside. Typically burglars want to go into unoccupied houses only as it is much less risky.

Auditory Presence

Sound can be as much of a deterrent to burglars as lighting. By simply setting up a CD or PC playlist with recordings of various household noises conversations, you further deter criminals with the illusion of people inside your home. The sound of barking dogs is also an excellent deterrent.


Simply locking your doors and windows can do a world of good for your home; most thieves prefer to enter through an unlocked portal such as a window or rear doorway. In regard to all home access points, make sure that your windows and doors are strong, tightly fitted, and have sturdy locking mechanisms.

Security Check-In

You may be able to request a regular security check by your local police department by simply contacting them. However, emergencies that arise may prevent your security check from actually happening.

Home Security with Video Monitoring

The mere presence of a security camera may be enough of a burglary deterrent for some people. Further, if the criminal is brazen enough to break in anyway, he or she will be captured on digital video for the police. With the right home security system that includes video monitoring, your home is always protected whether you are there or not. When the alarm is triggered by an attempted break-in, recording begins, the monitoring center attempts to establish contact with someone in the home, the police are dispatched and the homeowner notified. This minimizes loss and protects you better than any other method of home defense.

These options are ideal protection for the vacationer’s home defense while out of town. Focusing on your home’s security before you go away will keep it safe for your return.