Home Security Includes Your Garage

April 26, 2013

When it comes to securing your home from burglary and invasions, no area should be overlooked, especially your garage. To most burglars, garages are repositories for not only vehicles, and by extension, all of the contents and valuables within them, such as entertainment systems. It is also a holding ground for power tools, which will usually make a good earning on the secondary market, scrap metal like valuable copper or steel, and maybe even the occasional freezer or refrigerator. Even if you don’t store a lot of valuables in your garage, the garage can often be an easy access point to the rest of the house.

Securing your garage should be as treated with as much attention as the rest of the house.

Get A Guard Dog

Having a large canine can be a useful deterrent to any home invader, especially one trained to attack intruders. That being said, pet ownership has its own loaded list of responsibilities and precautions.

Secure Your Doors

If your garage makes use of any form of a sliding panel door to enter it, use a zip tie on the door’s quick release lever. Failing to do so runs the risk of any capable thief slipping something as simple as a wood block to create a small gap and then deploying the quick release by pulling on its lever with a long wire.

Make sure that in addition to the entrance you drive through, that all other doors and gateways connected to your garage are properly reinforced with sturdy locks. Note that most locks you can get at major department stores have a mechanical weakness that reduces the seemingly huge number of combinations down to roughly one hundred or so. It is with this piece of information in mind that deadbolts, especially one for the door connecting your garage to inside your house, are also strongly recommended.

Never Leave Your Garage Door Open

Leaving your garage door open is like an invitation for a thief. Often, even in broad daylight, thieves will take advantage of an open garage door and help themselves. Even if you are around, the open garage door gives criminals a chance to check out the goods available if they were to break in.

Install Motion Detector Lighting Near and In Your Garage

One of the biggest deterrents for intruders is light, especially motion detector lighting which calls attention to the area it lights up. Intruders want to work under the cover of darkness. Don’t give them this advantage. Install motion detector lighting inside your garage and at all entry points to your garage.

Place Security Sensors At Garage Entryways

Home security systems are the best way to keep your entire home safe from intruders. When you are customizing a modern security system for your home, be sure to include your garage. Install sensors in the garage at entry points from the outside and especially leading into the rest of your home. Keep your system armed as much as possible, even when you are home for the maximum effectiveness.

Take them time to consider every part of your home in your home security plan, even the often overlooked garage, to ensure the best overall protection possible.