Easy Ways to Live Greener

April 12, 2013

With Earth Day coming, people are more focused than usual on how to live greener lifestyles. There are many ways in which we abuse the environment and many ways we can make wiser choices to be kinder to it.

Clean Greener

One of the major contributors to pollution is the cleaning products we use.  They go into our water supplies and are toxic. However, there are a multitude of natural cleaning products that you can use for effective cleaning, while being environmentally friendly. Some suggestions include:

  • Vinegar cleans hard water stains, mirrors and softens clothes.
  • Chalk removes grease stains from clothing.
  • Lemons whiten clothes when laundering.
  • Baking soda is a great non-abrasive cleanser.

Find Opportunities to Recycle Everything

Almost everything can be recycled, upcycled or reused. It just may take a little creativity or searching on your part to find out how to recycle certain items. Your city’s website, friends and Internet searches can help you find places to recycle just about anything.

  • Any and all clothing can go to a Goodwill location. What is not wearable is cut down and sold as rags.
  • Books and magazines can be donated to schools, libraries, shelters and retirement homes.
  • Old eyeglasses, cell phones, baby gear, sports equipment and household goods can easily be donated to a variety of charities. In fact many pick up directly from your home, making recycling your excess stuff easy.

Lower Energy Use with Home Automation

Home automation is easily achieved if you have a quality home security system. The best security systems offer the option of interconnecting your home energy systems with it. This allows you to remotely turn on and off heat, light and other energy using devices in your home. You can even create a schedule with certain security systems so that your heat and light are turned on and off based on the schedule you keep. By minimizing the energy used when you are not at home, you can be much kinder to the environment easily.

Create a Vegetable Garden

When you create a vegetable garden, not only will you be using your yard in a greener manner, minimizing the need to mow grass, you will also be providing some of your own food. In your gardening, you have additional opportunities for living green. Create your own fertilizer with compost made from your kitchen scraps. Make a natural weed barrier by using newspaper in your garden.

The ideas that you can easily implement to keep your home as green as possible are endless. Do a little research and get even more ideas on what you can do to be as kind as possible to our environment.