Back to School Safety Tips

August 19, 2015

back to school safetyBack To School time is upon us and families are getting busier than ever. It is easy for safety to get overlooked. That’s why you need to focus on the back to school safety concerns that affect you and your children as you are heading off to your busy days.

Personal Safety

Now is the time to review personal safety with your children. Stranger danger and what to do when faced with a difficult situation is important to talk about regularly and especially when routines are changing as they do after summer break.

Travel To And From School

Traveling to and from school is one of the most vulnerable times for kids, especially if they walk. Review what they should and should not do. Set up a safety word that an authorized adult would be able to tell them if you are sending someone to pick them up. This gives your children an easy way to know whether or not a person offering a ride is someone they should go with or not.

Kids Coming Home Alone

Are your older kids safe at home alone? Take the time to review safety guidelines, especially about locking doors after arrival and arming the security system. With your online access to your security system you can see when your kids arrive, and if you have home automation, you can lock doors and arm the security system remotely in case they forget.

Social Media

Social media safety is one of the things you must also focus on with older kids. In fact, today there are increasingly younger children with smart phones and devices like iPods and tablets who can also access social media. Users, especially children, should never friend someone they do not know in real life. If anyone they are communicating with online suggests that they not tell their parents something or attempt to meet them somewhere, it is critical that they immediately tell their parents. Discuss such things openly and often with your kids, as there is tremendous pressure to have an online presence these days.

Safety Plans

The beginning of the school year is a great time to review safety plans at home. Because safety is being reviewed at school, it is already in the forefront of your kids’ minds. Review and practice your emergency escape plan and where you would meet in case of evacuation. Talk about what to do in case of all types of emergencies at home.

Review Communications

Ensure that all emergency contact information with your school office, teachers and child care providers is up-to-date. This will ensure that you can be reached quickly. Also, you should review such information with your child. With the convenience of cell numbers, often we get used to touching a name in order to make a call, but your kids should know your phone numbers by heart, as well as their home address.

Your children are your number one priority. Don’t assume that they know or remember the guidelines and safety rules you have shared in the past. Regularly talk with them about these important back to school safety tips and you will be equipping them to handle anything that might arise.

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