Avoiding the Cover of Darkness Increases Your Safety

April 2, 2013

You will not be surprised to learn that a good deal of crime occurs after dark and in darkened areas. It stands to reason that you can reduce your risk of being a victim of crime if you avoid the cover of darkness whenever possible. However, it can be quite a challenge to never be in a dark area, and for some people, down right, impossible. A few tips can help you shed some light on those dark areas of your life keeping you safer.

Never Come Home to a Darkened House

While you may from time to time forget to leave a light on when you go out, you can put home automation in place, so that even if you forget a light, you can turn it on from anywhere. Several of today’s leading home security systems offer home automation with their service that can be controlled from anywhere online or with an app for your smartphone. You can set up smart schedules or triggers that automatically turn on lights just prior to your arrival or you can do it manually when you are on your way home.

Opt for Motion Detector Lights

By installing motion detector lights around your house, you are shedding light on the areas where criminals can lurk and effectively scaring them off. An intruder that sets off motion detectors and has light flooded on him quickly turns tail and leaves the property. This means your safety is increased. Be sure to use motion detectors around the entire perimeter of your home and especially in areas where there are locations to hide, like bushes and trees.

Light Up the Area Around Your Car

Pay attention to where you park. Choose to park in well-lit areas, even under street lights when possible. Invest in a key chain flashlight, so you can do a quick sweep of the area around your car and inside it before you get in. If a large van is parked to the driver’s side of your car, choose to enter your car via the passenger door. It is simply too easy for a kidnapper to be waiting in the van to grab you. If someone is lurking near your car, shine your light on them and make sure they know you are looking at them. Making eye contact is often enough to deter a bad guy.

Take care to illuminate your surroundings as much as possible and you will succeed in keeping yourself safe and secure.