A Home Security System or a Gun: What Would You Buy Grandma?

May 13, 2013

I recently saw a news clip about an elderly lady who was the victim of a home invasion. When the burglars realized Grandma was at home, they hightailed it out of there. But so did Grandma! She grabbed her pistol and took off after the burglars shooting as they were attempting to make a getaway. Her comment after the fact was that now she has learned that she always needs to keep her gun on her, and is looking to getting a concealed weapons permit.

Grandma’s a Little Scary

If the idea of an elderly woman with failing eyesight, less-than-ideal reflexes, and possibly a little dementia running around with a gun scares you, you are not alone. While many people look to guns as a solution to staying safe, there are many people for whom it is not the best option. Individuals who could easily be overthrown may actually be providing unarmed intruders with arms because they are trying to protect themselves.

Here are some things to consider carefully before getting a gun for personal safety:

–          Are you strong enough to handle it and keep hold of it if someone tries to take it from you?

–          Are you forgetful?

–          Do you fall sometimes?

–          Is your corrected eyesight still not the best?

–          Do you regularly have children in your home?

–          Do you have a bad temper?

–          Would you actually be able to pull the trigger?

–          Is there someone who regularly comes to your home that you would not want to give a gun to?

Before you invest your money in a gun, consider these questions to ensure it is the right choice for you.

A Home Security System – A Better Solution

While a home security system is not going to stop a fleeing burglar, it may deter him before he even attempts to break into your home. A home with a security system is three times less likely to be burglarized than one without. If someone does attempt to enter your home, your armed system will send an alert to the monitoring center, dispatching help immediately.

The Extra Benefits of a Home Security System

A home security system protects you and keeps you safe in more ways than one. Many of the best systems today have an available pendant alarm option available. For seniors, this is a great option that makes sure help is on the way in case of medical distress. A simple one-touch system puts Grandma in touch with the monitoring center.

Despite what Grandma might say about staying safe, if she is still in her own home, the time has likely come for a sophisticated home security system to ensure she is protected and safer than a gun could keep her.