A Home Master Book: The Key to Organization

May 1, 2013

Keeping your home life organized is necessary to help keep your whole life organized. When things are in the right place, you can find them as needed. You spend less time looking for things and can easily direct others to the right place as needed. The home master book is one of the best tools you can create for your home and comes highly recommended by professional home organizers.

Create Your Own Home Master Book

While there are guidelines as to what you should include in such a book, each one will look different based on your family. When creating a master book for your home, you want a complete guidebook that contains everything needed to smoothly run your home and family in your absence. Some of the information to put in your book includes:

–          Information on the location of important documents, such as passports, birth certificates, wills and more.

–          List of all banks and credit issuers that you have accounts with.

–          List of all insurance policies with contact information for the insurers and policy numbers.

–          Copy of your budget

–          Master calendar

–          Names and contact information for each family member’s doctors and dentists, as well as a medical summary, allergy listing and list of medications.

–          Contact information for schools, daycares, work for each adult.

–          Emergency contact information for close relatives.

–          Community resource list

–          Home manuals for appliances in your home or the location of such manuals.

–          Important home information, such as the location of the water shut-off valve.

–          A sleeve for each family member’s information.

–          Names, addresses and contact information for neighbors.

–          How-to information for your home security system and a password hint.

Keeping the Home Master Book Safe

The home master book is not something you can keep laying on the kitchen counter. The best way to ensure its safety is to place it with your other books of similar size. Do not label it, so that it is easily identifiable. Make sure that others who need access to it are familiar with what it looks like, but because of the sensitive information contained within, be sure to put it away after each use, so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Keep a copy of your most important information from the book in a safety deposit box. This will ensure easy duplication if yours is stolen or destroyed. It is also a good place to store sensitive information, as well as information like account numbers and passwords that should not be in your home master book.

Email a version of non-sensitive information to yourself.  This will provide another way to have an easy–to-access soft copy in case something happens to your original.

Get organized, so that the next time you are away, your significant other, a nanny or anyone you trust with your home, will have all the information they need at their fingertips.