A Hacker Who’s Trying to Make Things More Secure

April 4, 2013

The next time you log on to Facebook, you can thank a hacker you have never heard of for keeping your account safe. White hat hacker Nir Goldshlager uncovered 2 security flaws in Facebook this calendar year alone, and others last year. These flaws meant that he, or an unscrupulous hacker, could have accessed any Facebook account he wanted. Instead Goldshlager brought the details to Facebook, who immediately corrected the issues and promptly rewarded Goldshlager for the information.

Nir Goldshlager, the leading white hat hacker in the Facebook hall of fame for the past 2 years, is becoming known for his mastery of cyber security testing. A quick look at his website BreakSec.com uncovers more of the discoveries he has made in recent months. Facebook security is not his only claim to fame; he has also provided “sustained support” to Google in his role as a white hat hacker.

New Niche Job Uncovered: White Hat Hacker

It used to be that the word hacker was one that any company with an online presence never wanted to hear. However, white hat hackers, like Goldshlager, are a whole new breed and one that companies are happy to hear from. Instead of hacking for mischief or theft, white hat hackers take it upon themselves to test the security features of organizations online. When they discover a weak spot in the security features of a site, they report them to the company.

Companies who receive such reports are grateful for the feedback and for the opportunity to fix such issues before a hacker with a less-than-noble motivation discovers the same security gaff. Many large companies now have rewards programs in place for white hat hackers who uncover issues that need to be repaired in their cyber security. Nir Goldshlager has turned his hacking into a business specializing in cyber security testing named “Break Security”.

Announcing Israel – The Leader in Cyber Security

Nir Goldshlager and several other leading white hat hackers are from Israel. The government and private backers in that country have put significant efforts into helping to create and fund cyber defense organizations. Support of upstart cyber defense businesses is helping Israelis forge to the front of the industry when it comes to web security. Israel is quickly becoming known as a cyber nation, as it has become a springboard for a large portion of the best cyber security firms in the world.

Business Security for the Cyber World

The face of business security is changing fast. It used to be enough to invest in a security system for your office or a secure checkout system for your website. Now, it means that you have to have pay close attention to your cyber security, so that your sensitive data and that of your customers, remains safe. Both industry and government are coming to realize that while the Internet is a necessary tool today, it also has the power to destroy when the control of an online presence is in the wrong hands.

Nir Goldshlager and other white hat hackers are becoming the Robin Hoods of the 21st century. Their efforts are helping to keep the average Internet user, who is completely unaware of their importance, safe and secure.