7 Easy Home Landscaping Tips

April 15, 2013

Landscaping and gardening is usually a love-it or hate-it kind of chore. If you love it, you likely don’t think of it as a chore, but more a hobby or even a pleasure. If you are less in love with landscaping or have a minimal budget to work with, many of these easy tips will help you get the most out of the green space surrounding your home.

  1. Create focal points in your yard. Pick a container or sculpture that appeals to you and work around it choosing plants that will show it off without overpowering it.
  2. Find a local gardener who can give you advice about what works well where you live. Choosing native plants will help you to be more successful in your gardening, as it will require less work to keep them looking good.
  3. Getting rid of some of your grass and creating outdoor living spaces is easy and can be a perfect solution for those who enjoy the outdoors, as well as those who are challenged by yard work. Use different types of paving materials, like stone and pebbles to create an interesting modern look.
  4. If your outdoor air conditioning unit is just sitting out in your yard looking ugly, cover it up with an attractive bed of flowers. Varying heights will create visual interest in the bed and a small strip of ornamental fencing can keep weeds from moving their way back to the air conditioning unit.
  5. Create an herb garden that will add flavor to your cooking and make an easy to maintain bed of plants in your yard. Placing it in one of the areas closest to your house will increase the likelihood that you will think to use those herbs when cooking.
  6. Use out of the ordinary items to create an outdoor area that is unique and fun. Search for items that will withstand outdoor temperatures and humidity. Yard sales, antique stores and even an attic or other storage areas are great places to begin your search.
  7. Improve the look of your yard and increase the security around your house by doing strategic pruning. A house that is overgrown with trees and shrubs looks dated, unkempt and is a security risk. You should always prune back shrubs so that they do not provide a hiding place for intruders. This is particularly important for any shrubbery near your house. In addition, prune branches that are too close to your home, so they are not permitting easy entry to your home through upper windows.

Your home landscaping doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated to add value to your home. Explore the easy, less expensive options for appealing landscaping.