6 Great DIY Secret Storage Places

May 3, 2013

Hiding your valuables out in the open inside everyday items that you would expect to see is sheer genius. While a burglar who enters your home will tear apart dresser drawers, closets, your freezer and more looking for your valuables, they often overlook items that blend in with their surroundings for their sheer ordinariness. Use everyday objects to create the best DIY hiding places ever.

Upcycled Picture Frame

Upcycle an old VHS videotape box by inserting a favorite picture into the outer sleeve. Screw the case onto the wall. When closed, the box looks like a picture frame. When opened, it is a clever hiding place for lightweight valuables like credit cards, money and jewelry.

Teddy Bear Storage

No burglar ever expects people to store their valuables amongst the kids’ toys. This is what makes your kids’ rooms such a great hiding place. One of the best places to hide valuables is inside a teddy bear. This bear will need a good portion of stuffing removed in order to have valuables placed inside it. To make it easier, put your valuables inside a canister or other container. When possible, sew Teddy back up for increased security. Don’t let your kids play with the hiding toy.

The Pantry

The next time you are finishing up a box of cereal or rice, consider using the box as a secret storage place. Put valuables inside and replace the box on an upper shelf of your pantry. While burglars are all too aware of the fact that homeowners store cash and valuables in the freezer, very few will think to ransack your food pantry, looking in boxes of “food”.

Your Clothing

Hiding lightweight valuables inside clothing is a great idea. Simply cut a hole in the lining of jackets that are no longer used and sew them back up for added security. Be sure not to weigh down the jacket too much or put bulky tell-tale items in the lining. Another word of warning is to tell trusted family members that you have valuables hidden inside clothing, so someone doesn’t inadvertently give away family treasures while cleaning out closets.

Doors and Walls

While many things are tipped and emptied during a burglary, often walls and doors are untouched. For items that you can easily do without for a while, hide your bigger treasures inside walls and doors. Most interior doors and walls are completely hollow. Just be sure to camouflage the area that you use to access the wall or door interior. Plastering and painting over it is the best camouflage, but you don’t want to do this if you need regular access to the items.

By taking the time to create your own DIY secret hiding places for your valuables, you will have better protection for those items. Wise burglars know what is out there to buy and will be on the lookout for the easy items you can purchase online. However, with your own unique hiding spots you have a much better chance at keeping your valuables out of the wrong hands.