5 Ways You Increase Your Chances of Abduction

April 19, 2013

While abduction, either yours or your child’s, is not something you think about regularly, you could be making yourself an easy target by some things you do on a regular basis. Knowing what not to do will keep you and your family safer.

Carelessly Checking In on Social Media

Checking in using social media, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram tells the general public about where you are and who you are with in real time. This makes it much easier for a criminal to track you down or to know to wait for you at home.

Posting Pictures on Social Media

When you post pictures of yourself or your family online you are providing information to criminals about what you and your family look like. Real time photos can give them detailed information making it easy to find you in a group. Combined with social media check-ins, you are putting yourself at high risk for abduction.

Not Securing Your Home

Having a home security system that is unarmed does nothing to keep you safe. Leaving doors unlocked is even more high risk. For the most part, criminals are opportunistic. They sometimes just randomly check doors and when they find one open, they grab the opportunity presented. Whether you are at your home or not, keep the doors locked. When you leave your home or are inside for the day, set your security system. These simple things will go a long way towards keeping you safe.

Not Securing Your Vehicle

Like your home, your vehicle should be secured whether you are in it or not. If you leave it unlocked and walk away, chances are someone could be waiting for you when you get back. If you operate your vehicle with the doors unlocked, someone can easily open a door and jump in when you are stopped at a traffic light.

Carelessness in Parking Lots

How you behave in a parking lot can make you a target for abduction. A person who is not paying attention to her surroundings is one of the biggest things attackers look for when setting their sights on a potential victim. Where you park can put you at risk too. Never park next to a van without windows, especially with your door next to the side door of the van. It makes you too vulnerable to being grabbed.

The biggest tip is to pay attention: to your social media use, to your home security, to your car security and to your surroundings when you are in public places. By doing so, you will reduce your chances of you or your child being abducted.