5 Holiday Gifts for the Safety Conscious

November 22, 2013

holiday giftsGift giving can be a challenge but when you choose items that help improve an individual’s personal safety, you are giving them much more than a gift – you are adding to their peace of mind. Some of the very best gifts you can get for your loved ones include personal safety gifts. Luckily, there are many to choose from.

Portable Pepper Spray

A handheld personal sized portable pepper spray is a great gift for anyone who lives alone or travels alone. These inexpensive, small canisters can easily be hidden or even carried in the palm of a hand for vulnerable moments. There are likely to be several people on your gift giving list who could use portable pepper spray.

Fire Safety Bundle

Fires are a significant risk for almost everyone. And unfortunately people everywhere often lack the proper fire safety gear to adequately keep themselves, their families and their homes safe. Create a fire safety bundle which includes portable fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, spare batteries, a collapsible ladder and more. Such bundles can be tailored to the person’s residence and the makeup of their family.

Home Security System

While a home security system is a significant investment and not something you are likely to buy for just anyone on your list, if you have close family members like a parent or child who is living in a home that is unprotected, a home security system is a priceless gift. With two-way monitoring, you can ensure that they always have someone looking out for them, so help is readily available when needed.

First Aid Kit

Every home, business and car should have a first aid kit. Almost everyone on your list can benefit from one. Often those who have extra first aid kits will place them strategically in areas where accidents are likely to occur, such as the garage or woodshop area.


A safe is a wise investment for practically everyone. While you tend to think of safes as something wealthy individuals have, in reality it is the perfect protection for important papers. Every home should have a fire safe to protect important documents from the damaging effects of fire.

These 5 gifts are sure to help you quickly and easily finish your holiday shopping while taking extra care of those you hold dear. Give an extra dose of safety for the holidays and help them rest a little easier.