3 Reasons You Should Leave Cash in a Poorly Hidden Place in Your Home

June 10, 2013

Every homeowner should leave a limited amount of cash in one of the typical hiding spots that burglars are likely to check first.

Burglars have an idea that they will at least get a couple of hundred to a couple thousand from the average burglary. That being said, they know that almost every house has money hidden in it someplace. Finding it quickly is their mission. You should make it easy for them for several reasons.

Poor Hiding Places Convince A Burglar That They Have Found Your Stash

Burglars assume that most homeowners will not out maneuver them. When they find a tidy $200 in an obvious hiding spot, they will likely quit looking. That means your items that are truly valuable that are hidden in wise locations will be safe.  A burglar who has scored is likely to get out in order to avoid getting caught.

Some typical hiding spots include:

–          Cookie jar, flour or sugar tin

–          Freezer

–          Top drawer of a dresser

–          Medicine cabinet

–          Toilet tank

–          Closet

–          Jewelry box

–          Unused purses

–          Under the mattress

You Minimize Damage To Your Home and Belongings

Burglars typically trash a place in an effort to find hidden cash and valuables. Making it easy means that they are less likely to continue trashing your home and breaking your belongings because they assume they have gotten the goods. A home invasion can easily do more damage in destroyed goods than in the value of items stolen.

You Avoid Angering a Burglar

Every burglar is convinced that there is a stash awaiting him. Often they are on drugs and rationale is lacking. The longer he has to search the more agitated he gets. An agitated burglar is much more likely to be aggressive. If someone comes home to an agitated burglar or if the burglar finds residents who are hiding , he is much more likely to be the victim of aggression if he has found nothing for all his hard work.

Limit loss and avoid aggression by outsmarting burglars with bait strategically left in the right place.