21 Creative Places to Hide Cash in Your Home

June 17, 2013

Almost everyone likes to keep some cash on hand at home for emergencies or for a variety of reasons. If you keep cash in your house, hiding it wisely is a major concern. For the savvy individual who succeeds in finding the perfect hiding spot, the biggest worry is fire.

Go for the places no one wants to check. Just be sure to double bag your money in plastic zip closure bags.

  • In a tampon box
  • In dog food
  • Under the cat litter box
  • In the dirty clothes hamper

Hide it in plain sight. Everyday objects work great as hiding places, but they need to be left in the place they would expect to be found. A fake soup can in a bedroom is a dead giveaway. A fake soup can in the pantry is not as obvious.

  • In a child’s toy in a child’s room
  • In a tennis ball in a can with other balls
  • In the lining of an old jacket in your closet
  • Behind a fake electrical outlet
  • Under heavy furniture like pianos, filing cabinets and entertainment centers
  • Inside a fake smoke detector on the ceiling (make sure you have a real one too!)
  • Wrapped carefully in foam trays and foil in the freezer
  • In a toilet paper roll
  • Inside the vacuum cleaner
  • In curtain rods
  • In fake air vents

There are some creative ideas that may or may not be wise, depending on who you share your hiding spot with and how well you remember your spot.

  • In a hole in the yard
  • In a hollowed out book on your bookshelf
  • In the walls of your home
  • Inside old electronics that are no longer being used.
  • In the attic
  • Inside Christmas decoration boxes
  • Inside a hollow door
  • In fake piping

No matter where you choose to hide money, it’s always a good idea to have a small amount of cash put in a bad hiding spot, so that burglars will easily find it and assume that’s all there is. It’s a great way to minimize loss. Be sure to share your hiding spots with trusted family members or write the location of stashes down and put it in a safety deposit box at the bank.