20 Safest Cities in Tennessee: Safest Places to Live in TN

September 3, 2014

20 Safest Cities in Tennessee: Safest Places to Live in TN

Tennessee, in all its mountainous beauty is a great state to call home. Yet, as with every state, there are some great places to live and some not-so-great places to live. Finding out such information before you make a move is critical. Safe Choice Security has put together a listing of the 20 safest cities in Tennessee for your information. Before you make a choice, check out our list to make sure you are getting a safe city.

In our quest to create a thorough listing of safe locations to live and do business in Tennessee, we analyzed the data provided by the 2012 FBI crime statistics. By looking at both property and violent crime statistics and studying them in terms of population and other factors, we compiled a list of the safest cities in the state.

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1. Nolensville, TN

Located in the center of the state and is one of the smallest cities on our list. As the safest city in Tennessee, it is a great municipality in which to live and raise a family. Despite the fact that the city can trace its history back to the 1700s, today’s Nolensville has only been incorporated for less than 20 years. It is growing at a phenomenal rate with many new subdivisions, businesses and community buildings recently complete or in progress. The Nolensville Police Department has been doing a great job of maintaining the safety of the blossoming city for those who live and do business there.

Population: 6,086
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.49
Property Crimes per 1000: 6.24
Crime Index: 89
Safer than 89% of US cities

2. Signal Mountain, TN

Signal Mountain, TN is in the southern part of the state to the northeast of Chattanooga. It is a suburb and offers residents small town living with the convenience of remaining close to the city and all its advantages. Signal Mountain is nestled on breathtaking Walden’s Ridge and offers exceptional hiking and other outdoor activities. Its highly trained police force keeps the peace in town, making this the second safest city in Tennessee for its citizens.

Population: 7,848
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.39
Property Crimes per 1000: 8.68
Crime Index: 81
Safer than 81% of US cities

3. Oakland, TN

Oakland, TN is another small city to rank well as a safe place to live in Tennessee. It is the fastest growing suburb of Memphis and is attracting new residents because it is a safe place to live, still has unspoiled beauty and is close to the city. Oakland offers a wide variety of activities and special events for residents of all ages. The town’s small police force works hard to maintain public safety and encourages community involvement through reporting anything out of the ordinary.

Population: 6,695
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.9
Property Crimes per 1000: 11.2
Crime Index: 69
Safer than 69% of US cities

4. Brentwood, TN

Brentwood, TN is just south of Nashville. The suburb is the most affluent city in the country. It has a long and rich history, but was only incorporated as a city in 1969.It is home to many recognizable names, especially country music stars. With many parks, great schools and beautiful surroundings, Brentwood is a very attractive and safe city for those who can afford it. The dedicated police force works hard to ensure its citizens are kept safe with alerts, crime prevention programs and more.

Population: 37,060
Violent Crimes per 1000: 0.11
Property Crimes per 1000: 12.33
Crime Index: 68
Safer than 68% of US cities

5. Spring Hill, TN

This mid-sized municipality is a lovely town with rolling hills and plenty of outdoor amenities for those who live there. Historic Spring Hill is an appealing locale for many looking for a small town close to a major metropolitan area. Spring Hill offers just that, as well as a very low crime rate, to ensure the kind of peace of mind every resident wants. Keeping it that way is the job of the local police department which works in conjunction with citizens for the very best results possible.

Population: 29,981
Violent Crimes per 1000: 1.97
Property Crimes per 1000: 12.74
Crime Index:60
Safer than 60% of US cities

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