20 Cities in Wisconsin with the Most Improved Crime Rate

November 17, 2014



Known for its dairy-land, particularly its cheese, manufacturing, long cold winters and for having an abundance of lakes, Wisconsin is a great place to call home. Its diverse geography includes uplands, lowlands, plains, forests and three of the Great Lakes. This major manufacturing state offers great work opportunities and communities to meet every taste. In addition, today’s Wisconsin is a much safer place to live and do business than it was as recently as 2007.

We analyzed the FBI Crime Reporting Statistics for cities in Wisconsin for 2007 and 2012. We were pleased to note that overall there were a huge number of cities in the Badger State that had a major crime decrease during this time period. In fact it was challenging to limit our most improved list to only 20 cities, because there were another 20 cities that reduced their crime rates by 20 – 40%, a sizeable and noteworthy improvement. The cities that did make the biggest improvements in their crime rates typically did so as a result of impressive programs diligently delivered by a dedicated police force. In studying the data provided and information on each city, we have discovered some of the most effective efforts for improving quality of life in a city when it comes to keeping it safe.

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1. Portage, WI

On the middle of the state towards the southern end, Portage is by far the city with the largest drop in crime. The Portage crime rate dropped by almost 75% over the period studied. Property crimes especially were lowered dramatically, likely due to extra efforts on the part of the community and the Portage police department through programs like Neighborhood Watch, Triad/ S.A.L.T. – Seniors and Law Enforcement working Together and Volunteers in Police Service. These cooperative efforts have delivered the results the Portage community wanted – making the city a drastically safer place.

2007 Crime Rate: 38.41
2012 Crime Rate: 9.65
74.87% Decrease In Crime

2. Oregon, WI

Oregon is located in the south end of the state and has had low violent crime rates for a while. However, those rates, and property crime rates, took a nosedive from 2007 to 2012 by more than 50%. The city has instituted a variety of initiatives to help reduce crime in Oregon: vacation checks, encouraging citizens to report crimes, education, community events and a prescription drug drop box. Regular communication with townspeople helps greatly also, so that they know what to look out for.

2007 Crime Rate: 30.54
2012 Crime Rate: 13.29
56.48% Decrease In Crime

3. Sturtevant, WI

Sturtevant is located in the southeast corner of the state on the edge of Lake Michigan. This small city had a nice decrease of more than 50% in its crime rates. The success was the result of excellence in crime prevention and reduction efforts put forth by the Sturtevant Police Department. The force has greatly increased its visibility in the community taking part in block parties, fundraisers and other events. In addition it is committed to regularly communicating with those it protects through crime alerts to keep them aware of trends in criminal activity. By working with the community, the Sturtevant police force is helping to better the quality of life of residents.

2007 Crime Rate: 22.03
2012 Crime Rate: 10.30
53.24% Decrease In Crime

4. Elm Grove, WI

Elm Grove is a tiny town in the southeast part of the state, a mere 20 minute drive from downtown Milwaukee. It also enjoyed a more than 50% drop in crime from 2007 to 2012. Citizen services delivered by the Elm Grove PD have proved instrumental in this drop. These include crime prevention programs, security checks and regular communication. The Citizen Police Academy, College Student Intern program and the Explorer Post are a few of the ways residents are actively involved in the police force in Elm Grove, increasing its numbers to provide the best protection possible. Its efforts in crime reduction are paying off as last month it was named America’s best suburb, according to Business Insider.

2007 Crime Rate: 16.16
2012 Crime Rate: 7.88
51.22% Decrease In Crime

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