20 Cities in Utah with the Most Improved Crime Rate

November 28, 2014

6. Pleasant View, UT

Pleasant View, Utah has a name that’s quite literal to the surrounding area. With Powder Mountain to the east and Willard Bay to the west, there are plenty of breathtaking views from Pleasant View. With skiing resorts nearby and the previously mentioned natural attractions in the area, Pleasant View has done an outstanding job driving down their crime rate while dealing with heavy visitor traffic. With different programs the police department has seen property crime take the biggest decline, which is always a good thing when you’re trying to attract tourists on those ski trips.

2007 Crime Rate: 20.13
2012 Crime Rate: 12.32
38.80% Decrease In Crime

7. Spanish Fork, UT

Surrounded by some beautiful natural scenery such as Provo Bay, Powerhouse Mountain and the Spanish Fork Peak, it’s no surprise why citizens have worked so hard to help bring down the crime rate. Spanish Fork comes in just inside the top 10 of our most improved cities in the state. The Spanish Fork PD uses a combination of neighborhood watch programs, the Graffiti-tip program and other community involved programs. With so many eyes on the town, it’s no wonder that Spanish Fork has seen a big dip in property crime over the past five years.

2007 Crime Rate: 22.11
2012 Crime Rate: 13.81
37.54% Decrease In Crime

8. Lehi, UT

On the banks of the Utah Lake and with the Mahogany Mountain, Big Baldy and Mt. Timpanogos just to the east, Lehi like most of the cities in Utah has some amazing natural attractions. Like most of the cities in the area, Lehi can be a destination for those looking to go camping, hiking through the mountains and even skiing in the winter time. Sometimes when you have a lot of visitor traffic in an area, you can see an increase in property crime. Using things like the neighborhood watch program and vacation watch however, the Lehi community and police department have done an amazing job seeing these numbers decline in recent years.

2007 Crime Rate: 21.71
2012 Crime Rate: 13.59
37.39% Decrease In Crime

9. South Salt Lake, UT

Located just south of Salt Lake City and to the west of Gobblers Knob and O’Sullivan Peak is the town of South Salt Lake. The crime rate in the town was a problem years ago, but the community and police department has done an amazing job working to bring the rate down significantly. With the help of a neighborhood watch program they’ve seen property crime take the biggest decline in the city, which will only help making it more of an attractive tourist destination when people visit the area for skiing or hiking through the mountains.

2007 Crime Rate: 115.32
2012 Crime Rate: 73.21
36.52% Decrease In Crime

10. St. George, UT

On the southern edge of Utah on the border to Arizona sits St. George, a nice “little big city” that has plenty of natural attractions that locals and tourists alike flock to. From the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area to Snow Canyon State Park to the Virgin River which runs right through town. St. George’s crime rate in 2007 wasn’t really all that worrisome, but the local police department and the community have done a fantastic job working hard to bring down that crime rate even further, rounding out the top 10 in our list of most improved cities in the state.

2007 Crime Rate: 35.32
2012 Crime Rate: 22.64
35.89% Decrease In Crime

11. Syracuse, UT

With multiple golf courses in the area and the always popular Antelope Island State Park in Farmington Bay, Syracuse can see a lot of through and visitor traffic during the year. Already one of the safer cities in the state, based on crime rate statistics provided by the FBI, Syracuse has been able to make their city even safer over the past five years. The police department has seen violent crime take the biggest dip, which is what you’re always looking for when trying to make your town a destination for tourists.

2007 Crime Rate: 14.67
2012 Crime Rate: 9.41
35.87% Decrease In Crime

12. Tremonton, UT

Just west of Bear River and the Mendon Peak is Tremonton, Utah, which came just outside the top 10 of our most improved cities list. Tremonton had a lower crime rate as is based on the data provided by the FBI, but they’ve still been able to drive it down even further. With such beautiful natural surroundings, Tremonton is likely to have a lot of visitors come through and keeping the community safe and welcoming has been a big priority. Through hard work from the community and police department, they’ve been able to make it even safer.

2007 Crime Rate: 36.03
2012 Crime Rate: 25.26
29.90% Decrease In Crime

13. Hurricane, UT

Just east of another city on our list of most improved cities, St. George, sits the city of Hurricane. On the banks of the Sand Hollow Reservoir, Quail Creek State Park and the Red Cliffs just minutes away it’s a naturally beautiful destination much like St. George. There aren’t hurricanes in the state of Utah, but the small town was named after a whirlwind that blew the top off a Mormon leader’s buggy in the 1860’s. There aren’t many whirlwinds destroying property now however, and that’s because the local police department and the community have done a great job lowering the property crime rate over the past five years.

2007 Crime Rate: 29.41
2012 Crime Rate: 21.21
27.88% Decrease In Crime

14. Ogden, UT

Located in the northeast portion of the state on the banks of Mt. Ogden is the city of Ogden. Like so many other places in the state, Ogden is surrounded by breathtaking natural views and natural attractions for tourists and vacationers. One of the bigger cities in the state, it’s not unusual for the crime rate to be a little higher, but Ogden has done an amazing job bringing down the violent crime rate in the city. Using a combination of programs such as the neighborhood watch and Cyber Watch, which pushes out information to registered uses electronically, so people can keep up with what’s going on in Ogden, especially during emergency situations.

2007 Crime Rate: 69.28
2012 Crime Rate: 51.17
26.14% Decrease In Crime

15. Provo, UT

Home to Brigham Young University and wedged between Utah Lake, Provo Bay and a handful of beautiful mountain ranges to the east sits Provo. With some natural attractions that have breathtaking views, such as Slate Canyon, it’s easy to see why people flock to Provo. The police department and community are proactive in using crime prevention programs, such as allowing citizens to report crimes online. With so much visitor traffic and people coming and going because of the University, it’s not a shock to see things like property crime be on the higher side, but through action citizens of Provo have been able to bring that number down over the past five years.

2007 Crime Rate: 30.07
2012 Crime Rate: 22.37
25.62% Decrease In Crime

16. Orem, UT

In the north-central portion of Utah on the edge of the Cascade Mountain with Utah Lake just to the west sits Orem, Utah. A hotspot for vacationers in the Utah Valley because of some of the best skiing locations in the country, Orem like many other towns in the state sees a lot of people coming and going through their town. Usually that means a rise in crime, but the community and police department have made sure their amazing natural views and scenery are enjoyed by everyone safely. The town has seen both a sharp decrease in violent and property crime over the past five years according to data provided by the FBI.

2007 Crime Rate: 31.61
2012 Crime Rate: 24.02
23.99% Decrease In Crime

17. West Valley, UT

Just east of Great Salt Lake and west of Grandeur  Peak is West Valley City. It’s just outside of some of the bigger cities in the state like Salt Lake City, but without all the hustle and bustle. West Valley still has many of the same breath taking views and natural attractions as the other bigger cities, however. West Valley has been able to deter property crime over the past five years using a variety of methods such as the interactive RAIDS online tracking map and neighborhood watch programs. Citizens are able to keep an eye on what’s happening as well as follow along on the online tracking map.

2007 Crime Rate: 60.43
2012 Crime Rate: 46.12
23.67% Decrease In Crime

18. Clearfield, UT

Home to Hill Air Force Base, Clearfield sits right outside of Syracuse and just minutes away from some fantastic natural attractions such as Antelope Island, Farmington Bay and Francis Peak. Clearfield has managed to slip its way into our list of most improved cities in the state, namely because of their ability to bring down the property crime level while still growing as a community. Typically when communities grow in population you’ll see a surge in the crime rate, but Clearfield clearly has a dedicated police force and community aiming to keep the town a safe one.

2007 Crime Rate: 33.15
2012 Crime Rate: 25.33
23.60% Decrease In Crime

19. Draper, UT

Sneaking into our list of most improved cities in Utah is Draper. With one of the lower crime rates in the region as is, Draper shows that even when some things are good, you can continue to make them even better. With some breathtaking landscapes in the area, such as the mountain ranges to the east, Draper can be a nice hot spot for those looking to take a few days hiking and camping in the mountains or for those looking to take a ski trip. With the DARE program and the neighborhood watch program being fully utilized, Draper has been able to drive down their crime rate, more specifically the property crime.

2007 Crime Rate: 27.27
2012 Crime Rate: 20.85
23.47% Decrease In Crime

20. American Fork, UT

On the north side of Lake Utah in the middle of the state sits American Fork. It’s surrounded by natural beauty, just miles from Mahogany Mountain and Saratoga Springs. Home to the famous Mount Timpanagos Temple, considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the state, American Fork rounds out our list of most improved cities in Utah. American Fork has seen a sharp decline in property crime over the past five years according to that data we have been provided by the FBI. For a city that’s looking to utilize its natural beauty to attract visitors, that’s a smart course of action to curb things like vandalism and robberies.

2007 Crime Rate: 29.57
2012 Crime Rate: 22.72
23.18% Decrease In Crime


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20 Most Improved Cities in Utah

Disclaimer: To improve the accuracy and usefulness of our list, we chose to exclude small communities with populations below 5,000 in our rankings.
Our rankings are determined by national crime statistics published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Our rankings are only as accurate as the local population and crime statistics officially released by the FBI.

20 Most Improved Cities in Utah

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