20 Cities in Utah with the Most Improved Crime Rate

November 28, 2014



One of the most naturally beautiful states in the country, Utah is littered with breathtaking mountain ranges, some fantastic lakes and excellent places for skiing, hiking and camping. Steeped in rich history between the Native American tribes that still inhabit the area and the historical sites from Mormon settlements and missions, there is quite a bit of visitor traffic in the state of Utah. Generally when a place has a high number of visitor traffic, you can see an increase in crime. These twenty cities in Utah however have bucked that trend and actually improved their crime rate despite community growth.

Using data from 2007-2012 FBI Crime Reporting Statistics, we’ve uncovered twenty cities in Utah which have significantly decreased crime successfully.

The cities listed below have used some advanced police programs, services and techniques to help decrease their crime rate over a five year period. When looking through the data provided by the FBI, we have noticed their efforts have increased the quality of life for their citizens, as well as the safety of their neighborhoods.

1. Grantsville, UT

Just south of Great Salt Lake and east of Deseret Peak is Grantsville, Utah, the most improved city in the state on our list. Grantsville has grown steadily over the past 30 years or so, but unlike most growing cities, they’ve been able to not only keep their crime rate low, but continue to drive it lower. Using programs like neighborhood watch, the police department has been able to keep eyes on most of the town to ensure that suspicious activity is reported.

2007 Crime Rate: 22.57
2012 Crime Rate: 10.78
52.25% Decrease In Crime

2. Smithfield, UT

Just between the Wasatchcache National Forest and the Cutler Reservoir is Smithfield, Utah, which comes in as the second most improved city in the state on our list. Often a destination for skiers and campers with the Smithfield Canyon and the Beaver Mountain Ski resort. It’s important for Smithfield to keep those tourists safe and feeling comfortable while they’re visiting their town. The community and police department have both worked hard to take their already low crime rate and drive it even lower.

2007 Crime Rate: 19.91
2012 Crime Rate: 10.30
48.26% Decrease In Crime

3. South Ogden, UT

Located just to the west of Mt. Ogden is the city of South Ogden. The town has a lot of natural amenities in the area, tucked just south of the main city of Ogden, for residents and tourists alike to enjoy. The community and police department have done a great job driving down both violent and property crime over the past five years according to data provided by the FBI, which is why they rank near the top of our list of most improved cities in Utah.

2007 Crime Rate: 37.10
2012 Crime Rate: 19.55
47.31% Decrease In Crime

4. Heber, UT

With beautiful natural scenery and the mountains along the horizon, Heber is comes up just inside the top 5 of our list of most improved cities in the state of Utah, despite having one of the lowest crime rates in the state as is in 2007. With hard work from the community and police department, the city of Heber has been able to virtually eliminate violent crime and has significantly lowered property crime. With the aforementioned natural beautify with state parks and mountains surrounding the area and the annual farmer’s market and community garden, keep things safe and clean in the city of Heber has been a priority and their hard work has paid off.

2007 Crime Rate: 11.52
2012 Crime Rate: 6.36
44.82% Decrease In Crime

5. Kaysville, UT

Rounding out the top 5 of our most improved cities in Utah is Kaysville, which is wedged right between Francis Peak and the Farmington Bay. Kaysville is conveniently located in “the middle of everything”, with mountain ranges, the Bay, rivers and the natural beauty of the state. It’s one of the faster growing communities in the state, but unlike like a lot fast growing towns Kaysville has actually been able to drive down their crime rate. Utilizing things like the neighborhood watch program they’ve been able to drive down their property crime rates and keep their violent crime rates low.

2007 Crime Rate: 17.75
2012 Crime Rate: 10.73
39.58% Decrease In Crime

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