20 Cities in Arizona with the Most Improved Crime Rate

November 25, 2014

6. Buckeye, AZ

One of the “biggest small towns” in the state, Buckeye, falls just outside of the top 5 of our most improved cities list. Buckeye has done a great job curbing their crime rate over the past 5 years, especially property crime. The local police department uses a variety of methods, including a neighborhood watch program and the citizen academy to make sure their community is informed and knows what to look for to prevent crimes before they occur. It’s a fast growing city that was once just a sleepy agricultural town, but the community and police force have done a sensational job curbing crime while the city grows.

2007 Crime Rate: 47.17
2012 Crime Rate: 27.31
42.10% Decrease In Crime

7. Casa Grande, AZ

Right between Phoenix and Tucson sits Casa Grande, a city that had one of the higher crime rates in the state five years ago, but most recently has cut that number nearly in half. The mild climate and scenic locations make Casa Grande an attractive location for tourists in the winter, so the community and police department has worked diligently to try to bring down the crime rate to keep it a safe community for people to visit. With their efforts, violent crime has been significantly reduced over a five year period according to data provided by the FBI.

2007 Crime Rate: 92.65
2012 Crime Rate: 61.20
33.95% Decrease In Crime

8. Gilbert, AZ

Located just outside Tempe, Gilbert was recently ranked one of the best places to live in the United States by Money Magazine while simultaneously being one of the fastest growing communities in the country. What’s most impressive about the growing town that often sees tourists from all over for the Arizona Balloon Classic, is the fact that while growing their crime rate has steadily decreased. Typically when a town is growing at a fast pace, crime will rise with the influx of population, but in Gilbert it has taken on an opposite trend thanks to the hard work by the local police department and the existing community.

2007 Crime Rate: 25.10
2012 Crime Rate: 16.76
33.22% Decrease In Crime

9. Flagstaff, AZ

In the heart of the Kaibab National Forest is the city of Flagstaff, coming in just inside our top 10 for the most improved cities in Arizona. With many of natural amenities in the area, including multiple national forests, it is an active community that loves their natural surroundings and works hard to preserve them. With a significant decrease in both violent and property crime according to obtained FBI data, the local police department has utilized things like a neighborhood watch program and educating their community on how not to get conned and how to prevent vehicle theft, they’ve been able to make Flagstaff not only a naturally beautiful community but also a safe one.

2007 Crime Rate: 67.72
2012 Crime Rate: 46.46
31.39% Decrease In Crime

10. Wickenburg, AZ

Located northwest of Phoenix, Wickenburg is a quiet, small, and tight knit community that prides itself in making it a safe destination for both residents and tourists. With multiple resort ranches where people can enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery in the area, keeping violent and property crime down is a priority and the police department has helped curb it significantly. Programs like vacation watch, citizen patrol and the FIVE-0 program they’ve been able to accomplish their goal of making Wickenburg a safe and desirable destination year-round.

2007 Crime Rate: 43.80
2012 Crime Rate: 30.59
30.16% Decrease In Crime

11. Phoenix, AZ

The capital and biggest city in the state of Arizona, Phoenix clocks in just outside the list of the top 10 most improved cities. The local police department has done an amazing job reducing the amount of violent crimes and property crimes over the past five years. The massive city is home to the Phoenix Suns and the Arizona Cardinals, Phoenix sees plenty of traffic and tourism. The police department uses social media an in effective manner to keep the general public aware of what is going on, believing an informed community is a safe community.

2007 Crime Rate: 65.50
2012 Crime Rate: 47.28
27.82% Decrease In Crime

12. Mesa, AZ

Located just west of Tempe and bordering both the Salt River and the Usery Mountain Regional Park is Mesa, Arizona. Another one of the bigger cities making the list, Mesa is hot spot for those looking to enjoy the natural beauty of the state, to see the beautiful “mesas” if you will. From the Arizona Museum of Natural History to the Mesa Grande Cultural Park, the city takes pride in its natural amenities. The local police department not only utilizes social media to help keep the community informed, but they also have their own smart phone application to keep up with the latest news and events.

2007 Crime Rate: 48.77
2012 Crime Rate: 35.32
27.57% Decrease In Crime

13. Tempe, AZ

Located on the banks of the Salt River and nestled between Phoenix and Mesa sits Tempe, Arizona. Home of the Arizona State Sun Devils, Tempe sees a large population of young adults come and go year-round. Located just minutes from many natural amenities such as the South Mountain and the Four Peaks Wilderness, there is reason the community takes pride in keeping things safe as well as lowering property crime in the region. The Tempe Police Department uses a combination of the neighborhood watch program, G.A.I.N. and crime free multi-housing to bring these numbers down and it has been successful over the past five years according to FBI data.

2007 Crime Rate: 72.03
2012 Crime Rate: 52.40
27.25% Decrease In Crime

14. Holbrook, AZ

The small town of Holbrook edges just inside the top 15 of the most improved cities in the state of Arizona, thanks to their efforts in significantly curbing violent crimes in the area. Just off the Little Colorado River and minutes away from the Petrified Forest National Park, the historic U.S. Route 66 runs through town. Holbrook is certainly a quaint town that gets some visitors because of the natural surroundings, so it’s been important to keep crime down and make it a safe destination. The local police station utilizes social media and Facebook to get the community involved and informed of what’s going on so they can keep Holbrook safe.

2007 Crime Rate: 103.74
2012 Crime Rate: 76.79
25.98% Decrease In Crime

15. Tolleson, AZ

Located just outside of Glendale and Phoenix sits Tolleson, Arizona. While Tolleson remains a “small town”, it’s seen significant growth in the past few years and is also located right in the middle of everything in the state, with the biggest cities located nearby as mentioned as well as some of the great national parks in the area just minutes away. The local police department utilizes programs such as the block watch, G.A.I.N. and crime free multi-housing, they’ve seen a nice decline in both violent and property crime in a five year period.

2007 Crime Rate: 138.04
2012 Crime Rate: 102.85
25.49% Decrease In Crime

16. Florence, AZ

Already one of the safer cities in the state of Arizona, Florence shows you that even when you’re good you can get better by coming in right outside the top 15 of the most improved cities in the state. Florence is located right off the Gila River and just east of the Gila River Indian Reservation in southern Arizona. One of the biggest areas of improvement has been the reduction in property crime over the past five years, thanks to local neighborhood watch programs and the efforts of the local police department.

2007 Crime Rate: 13.09
2012 Crime Rate: 9.81
25.05% Decrease In Crime

17. Peoria, AZ

Right outside of Glendale and along the banks of Lake Pleasant and the Aqua Fria River is Peoria, Arizona. Crime has generally been on the low level in Peoria as-is, but the police department and community has worked hard to bring it down even further, pushing them inside our list of most improved cities in the state. With so many natural attractions around Peoria, it’s important the community keeps it a safe and clean environment. Utilizing initiatives such as the neighborhood watch coupled with “Nextdoor.com”, which is a private social network for neighborhoods, to help make sure everyone has a watchful eye and it’s worked.

2007 Crime Rate: 41.82
2012 Crime Rate: 31.38
24.96% Decrease In Crime

18. Bisbee, AZ

Originally founded as a mining town in 1880, Bisbee sits just north of the United States-Mexico border and comes in just inside the top 20 of our list of most improved cities in Arizona. Bisbee was once voted one of the “quirkiest” towns in America by AARP. What’s not quirky about Bisbee though is their dedication to reducing crime in the area, which is why they have made this list. Property crime in Bisbee has taken the sharpest decline, as the town knows, their main attraction is tourism, so they made an effort to clean up things like vandalism. Locals and tourists alike can enjoy the Queen Mine tours and Lavender Jeep Tours of historic Bisbee and feel safe while doing so.

2007 Crime Rate: 57.27
2012 Crime Rate: 43.91
23.33% Decrease In Crime

19. Somerton, AZ

Located in the southwest of the state and right near the Colorado River and United States-Mexico border is the city of Somerton. Located just minutes from Yuma and the Marine Corps Air Station, Somerton sees a lot of different transplant traffic in the area. With its location to the Mexican border and multiple festivals year-round, Somerton is a bit of a hotspot for comings and goings, which generally can see the crime rate rise, but instead the police department and local community have put forth the effort to make sure crime continues to decline even though it was lower to begin with.

2007 Crime Rate: 21.28
2012 Crime Rate: 16.48
22.58% Decrease In Crime

20. Prescott Valley, AZ

Sandwiched between the Prescott National Forest and Woodchute Mountain is the town of Prescott Valley, which rounds out our list of most improved cities in the state of Arizona. With multiple golf courses, state and community parks in the area, it’s easy to see why it is one of the faster growing communities in the region. The biggest improvement for Prescott Valley and why they rounded out our list is their results in significantly reducing violent crime. The local police department utilized community crime prevention programs such as the block watch, National Night Out and volunteer services to help keep their community educated and involved in keeping their crime rate low.

2007 Crime Rate: 27.35
2012 Crime Rate: 21.29
22.16% Decrease In Crime


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20 Most Improved Cities in Arizona

Disclaimer: To improve the accuracy and usefulness of our list, we chose to exclude small communities with populations below 5,000 in our rankings.
Our rankings are determined by national crime statistics published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Our rankings are only as accurate as the local population and crime statistics officially released by the FBI.

20 Most Improved Cities in Arizona

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