20 Cities in Arizona with the Most Improved Crime Rate

November 25, 2014



The state of Arizona has a rich history between the Native Americans that inhabited the land originally and still to this day, to the pop up mining and railroad towns that swept through the west during the United States expansion. Arizona is one of the most naturally beautiful states in the country between its national forests, deserts, mountain ranges and mesas. There’s a lot of through traffic in the state because of their natural tourist destinations and ranch resorts, but these cities in the state have done an outstanding job not only keeping crime low, but lowering crime even further.

Using data from 2007-2012 FBI Crime Reporting Statistics, we’ve uncovered twenty cities in Arizona which have significantly decreased crime successfully.

The cities listed below have used some advanced police programs, services and techniques to help decrease their crime rate over a five year period. When looking through the data provided by the FBI, we have noticed their efforts have increased the quality of life for their citizens, as well as the safety of their neighborhoods.

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1. Snowflake-Taylor, AZ

Located north east of the Tonto National Forest is Snowflake, Arizona. They’re home to some great seasonal events such as the Ground Hog Breakfast, their Pioneer Days celebrations and the Silver Creek Symphony. They top out our list of most improved cities in the state, cutting crime literally in half based on data provided by the FBI. The local police department has done a fantastic job curbing both violent and property crime, utilizing a Neighborhood Watch program as well as a Ride Along Program to better educate their citizens on what to look for, in regards to suspicious activity.

2007 Crime Rate: 33.23
2012 Crime Rate: 14.69
55.80% Decrease In Crime

2. Apache Junction, AZ

Set on the edge of the Four Peaks Wilderness, just south west of both the Apache Lake and Theodore Roosevelt Lake, sits Apache Junction. The town has wonderful natural scenery in the area, with the aforementioned Four Peaks Wilderness and is just outside some of the other bigger cities in the state, but it’s tucked away just enough. Violent crime wasn’t a massive issue in Apache Junction necessarily, but the community and police force have worked hard to really curb property crime in the area to preserve some of the pristine natural scenery and old buildings that makes the town so lovely. The police department has a graffiti removal program and their G.A.I.N. (Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods) program to help deter some of these property crimes to great effect.

2007 Crime Rate: 58.76
2012 Crime Rate: 31.23
46.85% Decrease In Crime

3. Coolidge, AZ

Coolidge in the southern portion of the state of Arizona located on the south east edge of the Gila River Indian Reservation. There are some beautiful natural sights in the town, which is why property crime seems to have been such a high priority, as it took a massive dip over the past five years. The police department gets the community involved, often posting pictures of suspects in open cases on their website and utilizes both a neighborhood watch program and a “Watch Your Car” program to deter crimes in the area.

2007 Crime Rate: 109.46
2012 Crime Rate: 59.48
45.66% Decrease In Crime

4. Eloy, AZ

Located just 65 miles southeast of Phoenix and 50 miles northwest of Tucson sits Eloy, a nice small town that has put an emphasis on lowering their crime over the past five years to make itself a safe community. Utilizing things like “Block Watch” and silent witness to get the community involved and mindful of things going on in Eloy, because an educated public is generally a safer public. With plenty of national and state parks in the area, Eloy is another of the cities in Arizona with plenty of natural beauty and they’re striving to make it a safe environment for tourists and residents.

2007 Crime Rate: 68.92
2012 Crime Rate: 38.08
44.75% Decrease In Crime

5. Goodyear, AZ

Goodyear, Arizona is one of the cities in the state that has really put in the hard work to bring down their overall crime rate recently. It is a popular destination in the spring, thanks to Goodyear Ballpark, where the Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds hold their spring training. There is a lot of visitor traffic in Goodyear, so often times it can be tough to keep crime down, but the police department and community has managed to do a good enough of a job to put them in the top 5 most improved cities in the state. Travelers coming for the local amenities can feel safe while coming to watch baseball games and visit other attractions.

2007 Crime Rate: 49.04
2012 Crime Rate: 28.00
42.90% Decrease In Crime

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