20 Cities in North Carolina with the Most Improved Crime Rate

December 1, 2014



Home to the Great Smokey Mountains and some beautiful national forests, as well as many lakes and rivers North Carolina exudes natural beauty and an appeal for the outdoorsman. Be it big city or sleepy mountain town, some of the cities in the state have worked hard to keep their crime rates low and focus on troubled areas over the past five years. North Carolina has become a hot bed for visitors not only seeking opportunities for camping and hiking, but also to enjoy some of the best craft beer and delectable restaurants in the southern United States.

Using data from 2007-2012 FBI Crime Reporting Statistics, we’ve uncovered twenty cities in North Carolina which have significantly decreased crime successfully.

The cities listed below have used some advanced police programs, services and techniques to help decrease their crime rate over a five year period. When looking through the data provided by the FBI, we have noticed their efforts have increased the quality of life for their citizens, as well as the safety of their neighborhoods.

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1. Elon, NC

The most improved city on our list for the state of North Carolina is Elon, home to the university with the same name. Located to the east of Greensboro, Elon is a town with a lot of history and one that prides itself on being on the safe side for its community and those that visit. Utilizing tools and programs such as vacation watch and neighborhood watch, the Elon police department has done a fantastic job keeping the crime rate low as is, but they’ve also been able to bring it down further according to data provided by the FBI. Elon’s violent crime rate is staggeringly low and the property crime rate is much farther behind.

2007 Crime Rate: 19.52
2012 Crime Rate: 10.51
46.15% Decrease In Crime

2. Newton, NC

Northwest of Lake Norman and the big city of Charlotte is the town of Newton, North Carolina. Just narrowly missing out on being at the top of our list of most improved cities, Newton started out with a higher crime rate than you’d like to see based on our data, but it just goes to show that hard work can pay off, with Newton cutting its overall rate nearly in half. One of the biggest reasons for this is Newton’s efforts by both the community and the police department to bring down property crime, what based on the statistics, was virtually reduced by half.

2007 Crime Rate: 66.16
2012 Crime Rate: 36.92
44.19% Decrease In Crime

3. Lexington, NC

Just south of Winston-Salem sits Lexington, North Carolina coming in at third on our list of most improved cities. With world famous barbecue and a historic uptown Lexington has become a hotspot destination in North Carolina for those who want that small town feel both in living and in vacationing. In the past Lexington had an issue with violent and property crime, but thanks to effort by groups like Crime Stoppers and community involvement in the neighborhood watch, Lexington has been able to curb that number significantly, especially violent crime, and make their way into the top of our list.

2007 Crime Rate: 61.27
2012 Crime Rate: 35.19
42.57% Decrease In Crime

4. Mount Airy, NC

Located near the northern border of North Carolina and just northwest of Winston-Salem is the town of Mount Airy. “Mayberry” as it is commonly referred to was the home of icon Andy Griffith. The “sheriff without a gun” likely wouldn’t have  been too pleased with what the crime rate was back in 2007, but undoubtedly would be happy with the progress that Mount Airy has made since. According to data provided by the FBI, Mount Air has been able to reduce their overall crime rate my nearly 50 percent thanks to the hard work and effort of not only the police department but also by those residents looking to show everyone why their town was the inspiration for Mayberry in the first place.

2007 Crime Rate: 97.42
2012 Crime Rate: 55.99
42.52% Decrease In Crime

5. Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC

It’s typically abnormal for such a big city to rank so high in our rankings, but it just goes show that with hard work and dedication, bit cities like Charlotte can still get the job done. With famously delicious barbecue and home to some great college basketball, Charlotte is a hotspot in the state. One of the big reasons Charlotte was able to rank so high in our list of most improved cities is due to their focus on deterring violent crime in the area, and on that account they’ve done a marvelous job. Utilizing programs such as Crime Stoppers and CHARMECK Alerts, the CMPD and the community have put forth the effort to make Charlotte a safer place to live and play.

2007 Crime Rate: 79.79
2012 Crime Rate: 46.78
41.37% Decrease In Crime

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